Revenge Season 2 Review “Engagement” – Fade to Black

Revenge Season 2 Episode 20 Engagement (10)
Emily and Daniel’s renewed betrothal took center stage in “Engagement,” this week’s episode of Revenge, but it was everything happening around the sort-of happy couple that was actually interesting. I mean, Jack and Victoria teaming up against Conrad? That alone takes the cake for unholy alliances that you never saw coming last year.

I suppose it makes sense; only Emily rivals the two of them in her hatred for Conrad. Unfortunately, she’s still hiding behind her false identity, and Jack still hates her for her role in Amanda’s death, so he had to go to Mama Grayson. Their plan didn’t really work, though, as the photos of Conrad with the mayor’s wife turned out not to be evidence of an affair, but evidence that the mayor’s wife was trying to save her husband’s life by helping Conrad win the election. A loving wife is a creature Victoria can’t even comprehend; her eyes practically lit up when the woman warned her that the mayor’s office might just be a death sentence for Conrad.

Speaking of death, I never thought I’d see the death of Takeda (figured he’d be the last man standing), especially at Aiden’s hands, but it was almost a justified death after Takeda revealed to Daniel that Aiden is the son of the baggage handler who, either knowingly or unknowingly, put the Initiative’s bomb on the fated flight. I think Takeda did so to punish Aiden for distracting Emily all season, but I’m not sure why Daniel flipped about this (a lot of reactions and motives have been questionable this year). Regardless, Aiden was fired from Grayson Global, yet his passwords and privileges as treasurer of the Amanda Clarke Foundation were not immediately suspended. This came in handy when it came time to drain the account, which was holding all of the Grayson’s assets, except for Daniel’s trust fund which he might have successfully (and fortuitously) have had pulled before the inevitable cyber attack.

Unfortunately, the Falcon outsmarted everyone again. Nolan thought he backed her into a corner by offering to make the evidence against her go away in exchange for the code that would unlock the Foundation’s account, but transferring the funds didn’t just bankrupt the Graysons…it released the Carrion virus and effectively shut down New York. State, not just city.

Oh, and Charlotte isn’t throwing up on street corners because she’s back on drugs. She’s pregnant with (I assume) Declan’s kid. Romeo and Juliet are having a baby? Maybe she’ll give it up, then pay it a few million dollars to make it go away when it shows up looking for her years later. Like mother, like daughter…

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