Red Widow Season 1 Review “The Hit”

Red Widow (ABC) Episode 8 The Hit (8)

If it turns out that last night’s episode of Red Widow was the series finale, at least there was some measure of resolution. The biggest bombshell, though not really a surprising one, was that Marta’s father had ordered the hit on her husband, Evan. Marta had thought Schiller was responsible and had even gone so far as to plan Schiller’s murder. She discovered her error before it was too late and in the end we saw dedushka Petrov hauled away in handcuffs.

What made the episode interesting was again the relationship between Schiller and Marta. When Marta learned that Alexandra Duchenko had slept with Schiller, she got this look of shock on her face. It was crystal clear in that moment that Marta has some kind of feelings for Schiller. Maybe Marta is desensitized to Schiller’s violent side because she grew up with an abusive father. Or maybe Marta just likes a man who challenges her. Whatever the reason, Marta and Schiller gravitate towards one another. This relationship is the reason ABC should keep Red Widow and just retool it.

The rocky parts of the episode relate to those I’ve mentioned in past reviews. I was glad that Irwin played a minimal role and that there was no sign of Mike. I don’t care for the Ramos character because he doesn’t seem credible as an FBI agent. That’s not a comment on the actor. The issue is the way the character has been written. I also don’t care for the Ramos/Kat relationship. Kat in general is a superfluous character. It would have been more interesting if she had a dark side that no one knew about. How could she have come out of her messed up family with such an angelic persona? But, this dark side is something that definitely could work its way out into the story if the series continues.

I didn’t care much for the final moments. If Schiller is such a big shot crime lord, would he really have stood outside his building without any security? Of course, Natalie would also never be able to pull the trigger. And how did Natalie know where to find Schiller? I would’ve preferred to see an ending with Schiller formulating a way to pull Marta back into his business.

The question then is what is Red Widow’s future? Nothing is certain yet and the ratings did increase this week, but the forecast is grim. If the show continues, I’d suggest they get a new advertising strategy. The Red Widow posters of Radha Mitchell in the black veil did not do enough to entice interest. How about showing her with a gun? Or showing Goran Visnjic, who is undoubtedly the show’s biggest draw? ABC really should take a chance on the show and bring Visnjic to the foreground.

  • D

    Red Widow definitely deserves a chance at a full season. Unfortunately, as you touched on, ABC didn’t do well to market a show that was already going to have issues as a mid-season replacement. Additionally, instead of having it’s premier follow Revenge, and carry it’s audience over so that people could understand (and get hooked on) the story from episode 1, they cancelled Revenge that weekend. Most Revenge fans probably used the occasion to watch a movie, rather than tune into the new show they knew nothing about. All in all, the dialogue is well written, the cast definitely has chemistry, and Radha Mitchel and Goran Visnjic shine. They alone are worth bringing the show back. While you may not have liked some of the characters, I did think that each episode was better than the previous one and they all showed growth. Hopefully, ABC sees it’s potential.