Once Upon a Time Season 2 Review “Second Star to the Right” – And Straight on to the Finale

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 21 Second Star to the Right (12)
The question of whether Baelfire is Peter Pan wasn’t exactly answered in “Second Star to the Right,” this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time, but it certainly seems as if that is the persona he eventually came to adopt after saving Wendy Darling and her brothers from the evil Shadow, by allowing the phantom figure to take him to Neverland instead. I always assumed the portal he opened took him straight there, but I was wrong. He made a slight detour to Victorian England (land without magic) where he learned the true meaning of family and sacrifice.

I loved this twist on Peter Pan. Having the Shadow be a malevolent force (or at least seem to be as of right now) rather than Peter Pan’s playful, disobedient “other half” was brilliant. It also makes one fact clear: there are ways to move from world to world without magic beans. This may come in handy someday.

For now, it’s enough to know that Bae did wind up in Neverland, but first landed with Hook and his pirates, not the Lost Boys. So, it’s still not 100% established that he is Peter Pan, and on this show, nothing is certain until it’s certain, and even then you can’t be totally certain you have all of the information.

Last week, Regina was kidnapped by Greg and Tamara. This week they set out to torture her; Greg because he wanted to find out what happened to his father, and Tamara because she’s some kind of magic-phobic who is fanatical about keeping it out of her world. I feel she must have some sort of backstory as to why she hates magic so much, and it had better be a good one, as that hatred might have caused Neil’s death. We have no idea what world he was sucked into when Tamara employed a magic bean, but let’s hope it was Dr. Frankenstein’s science universe so someone will know how to take care of the bullet hold she put in his body.

And let’s hope that everyone will trust Emma’s superpower the next time she tells them someone is lying.

Although Snow and Charming eventually rescued Regina in time to save her life (and her magical powers, unfortunately), they were too late to stop Greg and Tamara from getting their hands on the trigger, the diamond that has the power to destroy all of Storybrooke. That’s decidedly not good. Regina really didn’t help the town’s cause by telling Greg she’d killed his father. If the body he dug up really is his father’s, I imagine there’s way more to the story…which could mean we’re in for more flashbacks that involve everyone’s favorite dead sheriff! By the way, did Regina have a bit of a death wish there? What else was she trying to do by egging on the crazy man with the torture device?

I don’t see all of these questions getting answered this season as next week is the finale, but I feel like enough of last season’s questions were answered to face the summer hiatus with a sense of optimism. How about you?

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