Nurse Jackie Season 5 “Lost Girls” Review

Before I delve into the events surrounding the main character for whom the show Nurse Jackie is named, I think it’s time to take a closer look at the growing mystery that it is Gloria Akalitus. Gloria has always been one of my favorite characters on the show. She’s a compassionate ball-buster, which I think works quite well in the world of Nurse Jackie.

As Jackie dealt with the fallout of her extra-marital affair and drug addiction, it was nice to see that Jackie had a friend in Gloria. With so many new faces around the hospital, like Carrie and Prentiss, I’ve come to appreciate Thor, Zoe, Gloria and even Coop. Truthfully, I never got over Mo-Mo’s sudden departure after season 1! So the takeaway is, I need Gloria to be okay!

I was encouraged this week as Gloria was sharp enough to help Jennifer escape the clutches of her abusive husband. My optimism, however, remains guarded because who could get past the image of all those post-it notes was pretty scary. Although, I’m pretty sure that might be what my desk looks like at work, as I wade through a sea of post-it notes containing to-do lists, reminders and other miscellaneous information.

Per his request, Jackie finally defined things for Eddie. In large letters, Jackie wrote the word “friends” on a piece of paper from Eddie’s yellow notepad. It was refreshing to see that, despite not being pleased with Jackie’s definition, Eddie showed how great of a friend he could be by coming over to help Fiona with her math.

Speaking of Fiona, this was quite the week for Jackie’s girls. Fiona is struggling in math and picking up colorful new insults to hurl at teachers that she’s picked up from her parents. Not to be outdone, Grace has landed herself a 17-year-old street musician boyfriend. Doesn’t Jackie have enough to worry about. Kids will be kids. The one good thing that came out of the girls’ troubles is that Jackie and Kevin finally agreed to work together in a much less contentious manner for the sake of their kids.

I refuse to give more than this very sentence to Coop’s patient room romp with Carrie. Ugh.

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