Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “Molly’s Out Of Town”

Mike is beside himself in this latest episode of Mike & Molly. Mike is upset and refuses to “whoop it up” while Molly is out of town. He’s afraid she might run off with a PE teacher while she’s away! After Molly leaves Mike can’t snap out of it with Carl trying to focus Mike’s attention on him. Carl gives way too much information about what the temperature does to his manhood, a conversation that makes Mike only want to talk to Molly more.

Meanwhile, Vince is crowding Mike’s personal space while he makes jokes about the big guy’s underwear. Vince calls Mike a disgrace because he doesn’t want to enjoy his freedom while Molly’s out of town. One day, Vince says, Mike and Molly will be fighting over where to eat while wearing fanny packs and visors. Vince’s crazy reasoning skills, paired with Joyce’s demands that he take her to the Olive Garden, makes Mike think twice about spreading his wings. Carl is just happy he’s wearing Hugo Boss and drinking Sam Adams with Mike, until he finds out his ex is pregnant. The news really brings Carl down. This time it’s Mike’s turn to drive a sobbing Carl around town. Carl’s cries sound a little like Chunk in the ‘Goonies’! You know, the scene where Chunk admits to making moviegoers throw up on themselves!

Mike has to come home after a night with Carl to Joyce on the warpath, trying to get everyone to do their share of the spring cleaning done. While Vince and Mike clean the gutters, Vince shares that if he falls he plans to use Mike as an airbag. Carl shows up to say goodbye. He’s off to start a new life. Before he goes, Samuel shows up and the roof becomes man town while the guys drink beers and talk women.

Still feeling bad for himself, Carl goes to talk to his grandmother. He finds out a lot about his family that he didn’t know when his grandmother explains that his grandfather actually packed up and left her. The heart to heart is enough to make Carl looking on the bright side. In the end Molly finally returns home to carrot sticks raining in the yard after Mike demands Victoria to smoke pot and eat all of the healthy food!