Emilia Clarke To Guest Star on ‘Futurama’

‘Game of Thrones’ actress Emilia Clarke will fall for Futurama’s Zoidberg. According to Entertainment Weekly, Clarke is slated to guest star on an upcoming episode of the animated series on Comedy Central. Executive producer David X. Cohen shared a little bit of what fans can expect from the strange romantic connection between the two and Clarke’s character, who was born without a sense of smell.

“She falls in love with Dr. Zoidberg — the smelliest character on Earth in the future — but she can’t smell him, so it’s a match made in heaven,” Cohen said. “However, being a doctor, he has the opportunity to perform a nose transplant and give her a sense of smell, which would destroy their romance, so it’s a big dilemma.”

Clarke is slated to show up in the second to last episode before Futurama’s series finale airs on September 4. Comedy Central announced last month that they would not be renewing the show. Aside from her role as Daenerys Targaryen in Thrones, Clarke is best known for her previous roles in the television series ‘Doctors’, the TV movie ‘Triassic Attack’, 2012’s ‘Spike Island’, ‘Shackled’ and the upcoming film ‘Dom Hemingway’.

Tell us what you think ‘Futurama’ fans? Are you excited to see Clarke making her way to the series?