Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 11 “The Crimson Horror”

Doctor WhoSeason 7 Episode 11 “The Crimson Horror” airs Saturday, May 4 8:00pm ET/PT on BBC America.

Episode Synopsis: Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 11 “The Crimson Horror” – There’s something very odd about Mrs Gillyflower’s Sweetville mill, with its perfectly clean streets and beautiful people. There’s something even stranger about the bodies washing up in the river, all bright red and waxy. When the Doctor and Clara go missing, it’s up to Vastra, Jenny and Strax to rescue them before they too fall victim to the Crimson Horror!

Episode credits: Written by Mark Gatiss and directed by Saul Metzstein (Upstairs, Downstairs).

Show Summary: BBC AMERICA’s Doctor Who returns after a record-breaking season with five blockbuster episodes on September 1 as part of Supernatural Saturday. Join the Doctor, his companions Amy and Rory (aka the Ponds) and numerous friends on their latest escapades through space and time where they puzzle an unexpected invasion of Earth, save a spaceship full of dinosaurs, don Stetsons in a Wild Wild West adventure and are even kidnapped by the Doctor’s oldest foe.

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