Game of Thrones Season 3: Pledge Your House Allegiance

The time has come for you to pledge your House allegiance, Game of Thrones fans.

Season three has officially reached the midway point and the political landscape of Westeros is as dire as ever. The Lannisters hold the throne, but Jaime has lost a hand. Robb’s winning streak has been comprised by his family’s turmoil. Stannis…well, he’s not doing much of anything besides licking his wounds, but his Red Woman is on the move, so we can’t count the poor guy out just yet. Meanwhile, Dany liberated herself an army and the Tyrell family is busy conquering King’s Landing with awesomeness. With so much going on, now is the perfect time to press the pause button on the action and engage in a what if scenario.

So, if you were in Westeros in the midst of all of this insanity, which House would you align yourself with? Remember, when you play the game of thrones you only have a 50/50 chance of keeping your head, so choose wisely.

House Stark


House Words: Winter is Coming

We all love the Starks. They have direwolves, strong family ties, Arya and more honor than sense. They’re the kind of family anyone would be proud to bend their knee to; unfortunately, they’ve fallen on some seriously hard times as of late. Their beloved home of Winterfell was sacked and their patriarch was beheaded, while the remaining family members have all been scattered across the seven kingdoms with little hope of ever being reunited. Robb was making a strong showing on the battlefield until he fell in love and his family members started dying/vanishing without a trace. Now The Young Wolf’s distractions appear to be costing him the war.

Even with these horrible circumstances to consider, the Starks are certainly a worthy pick, if perhaps not a practical one at this point.

House Lannister

House Words: Hear Me Roar

Ah, the Lannisters. They’re a calculating bunch, particularly Cersei and Tyrion, but that kind of cunning is an asset in the world of Westeros. They’ve made a strong showing this season thanks to MVP Jaime– yes, he’s lost a hand, but the man who once tossed a little boy out of a window has been busy rehabilitating his House’s image, at least in the eye’s of the audience.

Of course, aligning oneself with the Lannisters also means throwing your lot in with the sadistic Joffrey and Tywin, who specializes in making people uncomfortable with his steely-eyed glares and wreaking havoc in the lives of his children.

House Baratheon

House Words: Ours is the Fury

Let’s be honest, House Baratheon has seen better days. With both Robert and Renly dead, that makes Stannis, the Jan Brady of Westeros, the only true born Baratheon left and he’s trying to win the throne with shadow babies and sheer force of will. However, House Baratheon is good enough for Ser Davos and the loyal Onion Knight appears to be one of the most decent men in all of Westeros. If he thinks Stannis can lead, then there must be something to his claim. Plus, even if he’s not true born, Gendry technically belongs to House Baratheon too, and I don’t know about you, but where Gendry goes, so goes my nation.

House Greyjoy

Game Of Thrones Season 2 Finale 2012 Valar Morghulis

House Words: We Do Not Sow

Theon is not having a great year what with the torture and all, and his sister Yara hasn’t made an appearance this season. Just because Theon is down at the moment doesn’t mean we should count his family out just yet. Things may be quiet with House Greyjoy right now, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still make a comeback.

Besides, even if they’re not making much of an impression on the battlefield, they still have the best words of all the houses.

House Tyrell

House Words: Growing Strong

The Tyrells are playing the game with style this season. Future queen Margaery has been busy winning over the hearts and minds of the downtrodden residents of Flea Bottom, while her grandmother Olenna has used her candid nature to confuse all of King’s Landings most manipulative men. It almost seemed like there was nothing the Tyrells couldn’t do until Littlefinger sent in a ringer to get Loras to reveal his family’s intentions to wed him to Sansa and secure the north for his family, but even though their plans for Sansa have been botched, the Tyrells remain the family to watch in season three.

House Targaryen

House Words: Fire and Blood

Dany is a family of one, but as the last Targaryen, she seems to have taken it upon herself to become the ultimate queen. At the end of the day, she has dragons, two quality knights and an entire Unsullied army at her back. Are you really going to tell her you’re taking your loyalties elsewhere?


Which House will it be? Stark? Lannister? Baratheon? Some other House I overlooked? Make your pledge in the comments!

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  • Sandra

    House Targaryen all the way

    • Sabienna B.

      Excellent choice!

  • Winter is Coming – That’s My Jam

    • Sabienna B.

      The Starks! You really can’t go wrong with those kids.

  • It’s gotta be House Targaryen for me as well.