Supernatural Season 8 Review “The Great Escapist” – Everyone Comes Out of Hiding

Supernatural - The Great Escapist

In this episode of Supernatural, called “The Great Escapist,” we find out what happened to Kevin the last time we saw him, where Cas has been hiding out, and the boys grow closer than ever to the end of the Trials.

Man, did they give us a lot in this episode or what? If you were wondering what was up with any character other than the boys, this episode certainly answered that question. The only way I can keep everything straight is to go character by character so let’s take a look at what happened to everyone in this episode.


First there was Kevin. I knew he was in trouble after Crowley caught up to him, but I know some people thought it was all in his head. Interesting how the truth was sort of a combination of both. I loved that Crowley was running the whole operation like a theater production and sending in actors to play Sam and Dean. I also loved that Kevin saw right through it.

Sam and Dean

Poor Sam is just getting worse and worse, but I’m glad that they’ve now found out what the final Trial is so that he at least has a shot at getting better. Again, Dean trying to take care of him made my heart all mushy and I’m almost sorry we’re going to stop seeing that when Sam is better.


It was a relief that Sam and Dean found Metatron. I mean everything with Kevin and the Trials and Crowley and Naomi has all been starting to feel pretty hopes so it was nice to finally have someone show up with enough power to protect Kevin, plus (I’m assuming) help them with the final Trial.


Speaking of Crowley, he may have had everything under control at first, but he’s definite in trouble now. He’s lost Kevin, he’s lost Cas and he’s lost the half of the Tablet that he had. If that doesn’t qualify as a really bad day for him, I don’t know what does.


The only thing that chased Naomi away from Cas was the Tablet, and then Crowley. Now that Crowley isn’t in the picture, I have to wonder what will happen to Cas next. He finally went to Sam and Dean after running out of options, but will he try to snatch the whole thing from them now that they have both halves? Do we really know why he was so adamant to keep it safe?

My favorite bits..

“C’mon man, it’s me.”
(Kevin hoses Dean down with soap)
“Now it’s wet me.”

Finding Crowley’s doppelgangers kind of hilarious.

“I was born to direct.”

Dean offering to do the whole airplane thing with the spoon. So cute because I have no doubt that Dean did do that for baby Sammy when they were both kids.

“When did you get that?” “When did you start throwing off heat waves?”

“You gotta let me take care of you, man.” – Aw. *Rubs heart*

The boys watching Kevin’s message. My heart broke when he screamed and then broke down.

“Been on the road a long time, huh?”
“Feels like I’ve been on the run forever.” – And now it’s Cas’ turn to break my heart.

Finding out that Cas was using the Biggerson’s restaurants to stay away from the angels. Brilliant.

“They taught Word of God at Stanford?”

Sam telling Dean that he really wasn’t supposed to say “Indians.”

Poor Cas popping into the Biggerson’s full of murdered people. I was really hoping it was going to turn out to be a dream.

“We were supposed to be their shepherds, not their murderers.”

Cas asking how many times Naomi had torn into his head and washed it clean.

Thinking that Cas should take it as a compliment that Naomi said he came off the line messed up. If she’s an example of the perfect angel then I’m glad Cas is the way he is.

“In the words of a good friend. Bite Me.” – YES.

Crowley remarking that he could’ve played Dean himself. Actually I would’ve loved to have seen that.

“You rode a farty donkey.” – Yay!! DrunkSam is back!! Hi DrunkSam! (Ok maybe not exactly drunk, but close enough).

Sam waking up in a bath of ice. My first thought was “Oh crap! Where’s his liver??”

Crowley melting down an angel blade into bullets. You have to admit, it’s pretty freaking clever.

Crowley shooting Cas! HOLY CRAP!!

Really admiring how Jensen and Jared did so well at playing their doppelgangers.

Crowley reaching INSIDE Cas for the Tablet. I say again, HOLY CRAP!!

Fake Sam and Fake Dean getting put into a Demon Mousetrap by Kevin. The best part was the music he had playing in it.

Sam remembering that Dean used to read to him when they were little. What is that I hear? Could it be the sound of thousands of fangirls writing a WeeWinchesters fic where Dean reads to Sam? If anyone finds a good one, let me know, k?

Sam realizing that he would never be pure because of the demon blood inside of him, and theorizing that the Trials were purifying him. Hm, interesting.

Wait. Booger is Metatron?

“You really haven’t heard of us? What kind of angel are you? We’re the freaking Winchesters!”

Cas digging out the bullet from his own gut. Can we say “BADASS”?

“My demons were too polite?”

Cas killing Ion with a bullet, but no gun.

“When you create stories, you become gods of tiny, intricate dimensions unto themselves.” – Love that.

Metatron saving Kevin.

“You really intend on closing the door to Hell?”
“Seems like the thing to do, don’t it?”

Totally knowing that lump in the road was Cas.

“A little help here.” – They end it there??

What did you think of this episode of Supernatural? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • I really like that they let Kevin freak out every so often! We get used to characters becoming stoic and “stepping up” to what’s needed to be done and for someone like Kevin who was not brought up in the hunter/prophet life, I would expect to be freaked and pissed. I think Sam and Dean understand all too well.

    • Mokibobolink

      I agree! Kevin freaking out makes him that much more realistic and I too love that they let him have those moments.

  • LOL the “You’re not really supposed to call them ‘Indians'” line cracked me up so hard. And that scene with the tablet in Cas, I said, “Oh look! They got to reuse that rubber belly thing!” hahahha

    • Mokibobolink

      Haha! Interesting thought about the rubber belly. I love that that’s where you mind went first.

  • when Dean tries to take Sam’s temp had me laughing so hard I was crying and I always love a John Winchester Ref. however it broke my heart when Gabriel was mentioned 🙁

    • Mokibobolink

      So with you on the Raphael thing. As soon as they said his name, I think I whimpered a bit.

  • kayztiel

    Sam and Dean have one half of the DEMON tablet, which they no longer need, as they have Kevin and Metatron tell them what the last trial is. (The other half of the Demon Tablet is where Kevin buried it)
    CROWLEY has the ANGEL TABLET, he tore it out of Castiel, and it gives Crowley the means to access Heaven and reprogram angels, he tells Kevin he has plenty of plans because of it. Metatron snatched Kevin and his half of the tablet (in his hand) away from Crowley, but he left the angel tablet.
    So probably next season sees the gate to Hell closed, but Crowley doing an end-run through Heaven, either by reprogramming angels, or making an alliance with Naomi.

    • Mokibobolink

      Thanks for that! I don’t know how I got all that mixed up.

  • Barbara

    Watch the show all the time. Watching it now (fri nite). @mokibobolink…But Kevin was using HOLY WATER not soap to see if Dean was a demon. Why didn’t you know that? It’s always holy water. Soap is for showers. Holy Water is for demons.

    • Mokibobolink

      UGH! I am really making an idiot of myself in this review aren’t I? The only thing I can say in my defense is that us reviewers are human and we do make mistakes. Also, I’m totally blaming this one on the fact that I had JUST finished reading the latest Supernatural novel right before watching this episode. That one takes place during last season and there was some soap talk in it and I just had soap on my mind. I hope you’ll forgive the grievous error. ;o)