Nashville Season 1 Review “Take These Chains From My Heart” – We All Fall Down

Seems like almost everyone got screwed in “Take These Chains From My Heart,” this week’s episode of Nashville, some literally, some only terribly (and in some cases) deservedly figuratively. Who doesn’t think Juliette needed to be take down a few pegs by learning that her boy-toy, Dante, has been conning her since day one? It’s not like she’ll really miss that half-million he stole, but maybe she’ll grow up a bit after this humbling experience.

Or she’ll start drinking, as the previews for next week imply. Is there any level of rock-bottom that will save this girl from herself? Because she clearly can’t see how she brought it all onto herself, and how the people in her life who do care about her tried to stop it along the way. All she can do is feel like a victim.

On the other end of the spectrum, Rayna was having a pretty fabulous week. Not only did she bond a bit with her father in the wake of his near-death situation, she got a little bit of action from Liam, and a whole lot of action from Deacon. Yes, even without knowing about the friction she’d created in his relationship with the sweet vet lady, Rayna showed up at her old love’s house and declared her everlasting feelings for him. Even though he got mad at first, Deacon wasn’t dumb enough to push her away, and they tumbled into bed for a reunion tour. Sorry, vet lady. You just can’t overcome 20 years of history and that kind of chemistry.

Scarlett got a tiny bit screwed this week after going out on a limb to ask Rayna to include Gunnar in her record contract, only to have Gunnar slap away her help like she was some kind of annoying groupie. Why are they making Gunnar so unlikeable these days? He used to be the biggest sweetheart; now he’s the kind of guy who throws his cowboy friend out for trying to kiss him. Yep, his new bestie only toys with women’s affections, while his true interests lie elsewhere. You could make an argument for Gunnar just being shocked that the man who encouraged him to be a Lothario on stage actually swings for the other team, but it’s not an excuse in this day and age for being a jerk about it. He could have handled that so much better.

Maybe they’re just trying to make Avery more likeable by turning around Gunnar’s personality. Maybe they’re trying to make a comment about male identity and how the desire for fame can corrupt anyone. I honestly have no idea. But it seems like Scarlett might have left one bad relationship, only to end up in another, before shuffling back to the previous relationship on the hope that things will change. I want her to be better and smarter and stronger than that, and if that means finding her another man, the casting department needs to get to work.

In other news, Teddy confronted Peggy with her betrayal, and Rayna’s sister encouraged his political rival/deputy mayor to dig deeper into the bank scandal they were both involved in. Interesting plots, but unfortunately lost in the shuffle this week.

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