Law and Order: SVU Season 14 Review “Traumatic Wound” – The Problem with Happy Endings

Law & Order: SVU Season 14 Episode 21 Traumatic Wound (2)
I understand that the oh-so-gorgeous Eion Bailey needs to work now that Pinocchio has become a real little boy on Once Upon a Time, but I was hoping for better things for him than a guest stint in “Traumatic Wound,” this week’s episode of Law and Order: SVU. I mean, he did a great job because he’s a great actor (and even if you disagree with that, you must at least like looking at him on your TV screen), but the episode was so predictable that I feel he deserves better opportunities.

Did anyone really think the rape victim’s friends had nothing to do with her attack? If so, you are as naive as the poor British girl herself. Of course they set her up and they deserved to go down for conspiracy, but the sad fact is that even when crimes like this are caught on camera, it’s rarely so easy to get a conviction, and even more rare for the bad guys to surrender to their fate by taking a plea.

So, what then? Has SVU decided to exclusively take real-life cases and give them the ending we all think they should have had? There’s always been a bit of that in the franchise, but it’s becoming a problem now. Rather than trying to tackle social issues and highlight injustices that are commonplace in law and law enforcement, we’re being spoon-fed wish-fulfillment. It’s like vigilante justice: it feels good in the moment, but the long-term lesson isn’t powerful enough to effect any sort of change.

Why not, instead of letting us see the perps hang their heads in court, show us how society created kids who would do this, not to mention how we arrived at a level of insensitivity where a girl could be gang-raped in the middle of a crowded club without anyone trying to help? Or how our misguided morality has led to a world where the mere sight of bare breasts so inflamed five men that they gave themselves a license to go crazy?

Or why not focus on PTSD, a very real problem, the causes of which don’t get nearly enough press? Any of these things would have been better than another recycled plot where the good guys win in the end. Because that so often happens in real life.

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