American Idol Season 12 Review “Results Show”

So, as predicted, or at least hoped for, it was indeed Angie and Candice in the Top Two this week on “American Idol.” I worried that Kree might just inadvertently cause Candice to get booted, being as how she was in the Top Two last week and they were tallying votes for both weeks for this week’s results. Let’s face it, she was a bit lackluster last week, and though admittedly Candice was unusually mild her own self, there’s no denying that under normal circumstances, she can blow the doors off of anyone else in this competition.

So, for her to come in fourth would have been a travesty, although she wouldn’t be the first runner-up to fare better than the Top Two if she had been given the boot, I suspect. Paging Jennifer Hudson! Fortunately, she landed in the Top Two and was safe all around, and as well she should have as she was far and away the best of the bunch last night, though admittedly it was a bit on the snooze-worthy side this week, too, what with all the ballads and standards. It’s a sad state of affairs indeed when even the round featuring current music is indiscernible from the round that intentionally focused on the old-fashioned.

In fact, the only one who did anything remotely upbeat this week was Amber, with her cover of the Pink song, and look where that got her. Yep, it was Amber who got her walking papers this week, and that’s a shame, as she was really the only contestant to get progressively better over the years past. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that as a slight against Angie and Candice- they didn’t really change much over the weeks, as they were already exactly where they needed to be more often than not, only learning what not to do rather than growing, per se.

By contrast, I think Kree has buckled under the pressure much more than Amber over the last few weeks, making dubious choices left and right. Although her singing was solid, as with all the girls, it was her song choices that sidelined her, IMHO. We’ll see if it costs her next week, as she was the other contestant in the bottom this week.

Beyond that, we had the return of Season 7 winner David Cook, who performed a decent new tune, and an update on the inimitable Season 4 contestant Constantine Maroulis, who, when not frequenting The Soup,” was doing the Broadway thing with a new take on “Jekyll & Hyde” and a starring role in the rock opera “Rock of Ages,” both of which earned him Tony nominations. Sound about right, given his highly theatrical style.

We also got some shameless promoting of the upcoming “The Great Gatsby” remake, which I didn’t realize was a musical, though I was aware that the director also did “Moulin Rouge.” I’m not sure I cared for the oddball arrangement of “Crazy in Love,” which was performed by the Top Four in a sort of neo-jazz style- it’s performed by Emeli Sandé on the actual soundtrack. But it was definitely better than the completely insane and Katharine McPhee track “Bang Bang,” which so mental I thought I was hallucinating it all.

(Side note: To be fair, it’s the beginning of finals and I haven’t been sleeping much lately, so maybe I was imaging things, but correct me if I’m wrong, I DID see tap-dancing as he “sang” about going down on a woman, right? That really happened, right? Yikes, “AI”– and during the family hour, no less!)

Moving on…last but not least- maybe- we had Harry Connick, Jr. doing his latest, a serviceable piece of adult contemporary-type stuff of the sort he’s known for. I will say that I enjoyed his commentary on last night’s show, especially the showdown with the judges, and his deadpan wisecracks with some of the contestants. (Especially the stuff with Angie: “My entire household loves you. (Big pause) I don’t.” LOL, and the look on her face: priceless.) That whole business about his “many box office hits” though- um, last I checked, “Hope Floats” wasn’t exactly regarded as a hit, unless you add an “s” in front of it- see what I did there?

Moving on, it was sad to see Amber go, and there was hardly a dry eye in the house when she sang her final tortuous tune, barely getting through it without crying herself, her voice cracking throughout. Too sad. I hate to see her go, to be sure. On the plus side, I hardly think we’ve seen the last of her. Just because it’s the end of the road for her on the show doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road, period. She should be fine in the “real world.” Plus, there’s always the tour to look forward to.

What did you think of the results on “American Idol” this week? Sad to see Amber go? Wish it had been someone else? Any predictions on the final results? Let me know in the comments!