Vegas Season 1 Review “Soundrels”

A few thoughts about “Soundrels”:

Vince never seems to be able to have a stress-free day at The Savoy. Lena called him to one of the suites in a panic because the guy she was supposed to meet was dead when she got to his room. With the Feds crawling all over the place, Vince didn’t want any more attention on The Savoy, so he decided they would investigate the case in house. They were on a timeclock though because the deceased had stolen an heirloom watch from one of the other high rollers. He threatened to leave The Savoy and badmouth it if Vince didn’t find his watch. Vince, Mia, Lena, and the Two Stooges located the dead guy’s partner and the watch. Vince’s troubles/investigation pretty much took a backseat to Dixon’s problems though.

In a not at all shocking turn of events, Dixon’s decision to give Barry the beat down came back to haunt him. Violet showed up in Las Vegas and said she wanted Dixon to meet her in her hotel room. The next morning, she showed up at the police station all busted up and claimed that Dixon had done it to her. Dixon adamantly denied that he’d laid a hand on her, and he was dumbfounded as to why she would lie about it. Yvonne had to tell Ralph what happened in Hollywood and they knew immediately that Silver was behind it all, but they were at a loss for how to prove it. Ultimately Ralph was able to convince Violet to tell the truth. She recanted her story and Barry went back to LA without his revenge and without Violet.

I have a feeling this Barry Silver mess is going to continue to be a thorn in Dixon’s side. Silver is not the kind of man who takes defeat well, and now he’s been bested by both Dixon and Ralph. Silver also strikes me as a man with tenuous power. I have to wonder whether he’s just a mob middle man like Vince or whether he’s actually got real power. I’m thinking it’s the former because he’s entirely too caught up in letting people know how much power he’s got. People with real power don’t have to tell you about it. But then again, I don’t think Silver knows who he’s messing with. He shrugs off Ralph as a wannabe cowboy, but he doesn’t know the first thing about Ralph or the kind of man Ralph is. He would do well to just let it go because it’s not gonna go well for him if he keeps messing with the Lamb Boys.

Something positive that came out of Barry Silver’s shenanigans is that Dixon and Yvonne admitted their feelings for each other. They’ve been sort of flirting for a while, but it seems neither of them was really willing to take the leap. When Dixon was accused of and arrested for Violet’s assault, it sort of served as the push both of them needed. Although, for Dixon, I think that push happened in LA when he found out that Silver had beat Yvonne up. Perhaps he didn’t want to admit it to himself at first, but it’s obvious he cares about her and she cares about him. It’ll be interesting to see how their relationship progresses since they’re so different. Dixon is very spontaneous and gregarious while Yvonne is more reserved and practical. But I like them together and I have a feeling that their relationship will be both sweet and amusing.

Another rather interesting turn was Mia. She didn’t believe that Dixon had hurt Violet and she did what she could to help Jack prove it. She also offered to make things difficult on Silver so that he would reconsider messing with Dixon. Jack didn’t take her up on that particular offer, but he was very appreciative of her making inquiries around The Savoy. Jack has made it clear that he still loves Mia. He’s tried to talk to her on several occasions, but he seems to have realized that he needs to give her some space. No matter how much it pains him. It was pretty obvious in this episode that Mia still loves Jack too, and I think she’s coming around to forgiving him. She probably wanted to forgive him earlier, but she was confused. She was angry that her father was dead, but I think it was even more than that. She was probably feeling kind of guilty. One of the last times Mia spoke to her father, it was a hostile. She never got the chance to make that right. She’s also pretty certain that Jack was telling the truth about Vince, but she still needs to get the proof. If that’s still what she’s after. It’s kind of unclear whether she’s still planning to get revenge on Vince for setting up her father. But I’ll let it go for now. I’m really kind of hoping Jack and Mia get back together. Despite the obvious challenges, I liked two of them together.

This was one of the better episodes of the season. Ralph fighting for Dixon was perhaps the most emotionally invested we’ve seen him get in a case. It was also one of the first times we’ve seen him seriously consider destroying evidence. Catherine was also written much better this time around, and I am so appreciate of that. I was kind of disappointed with how Catherine was written in the last episode, but the writers seems to have realized their mistake. She was much less ornamental and much more active. I’m loving it. Of course, how can you not love a show that opens with the sheriff riding a horse into the middle of the Las Vegas strip and wrangling an angry bull? That’s got to be one of the best episode openers ever. So what did y’all think of this episode of Vegas?