6 Awesome Warrior Couples on TV

Burn Notice, Fringe, Legend of the Seeker, Hawaii Five-0, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, NCIS: Los Angeles

I am at a point in my life where the vast majority of first run shows that I watch are action-adventure. Now, that action takes on many forms: sci-fi, fantasy, crime drama, and medical-crime drama. And I have mentioned before that I do not like it when they romantically pair-up primary characters on action-adventure shows. In fact, in 2011, I wrote an article about my reasons for feeling this way: 4 Reasons Why Two Main Characters Should Never Get Together.

So, maybe I am mellowing, or maybe someone was listening to me, but I have noticed lately that there are some couples on TV that do not detract from the action-adventure, but rather enhance it! These are all married couples or in a committed relationship, not just partners. Watching them battle the bad guys together is just amazing.

Sam and Michelle Hanna – NCIS: Los Angeles

Sam and Michelle Hanna - NCIS: Los Angeles

This spin-off from NCIS, currently in its 4th season features a lot of action, not much romance and a whole lot of snark. Ah, just the way I like ’em! While we do not see a lot of Michelle, what I like about her is that she is tough as nails, and does not defer to Sam. She does clearly love him, and he her, but they both do dangerous jobs, and are very good at them.

It took a while for us to find out about this marriage. In fact, it was not until season 3 that we started getting more than a line dropped here or there. And, in season 4, we found out that Michelle is a (mostly) retired CIA operative. Put the two of them together, and wow!

Richard Cypher and Kahlan Amnell – Legend of the Seeker

Richard and Kahlan - Legend of the Seeker

Yes, I do know that these two are not actually a couple – for mystical reasons. But, they clearly love each other and would be together if not for those pesky reasons. Kahlan is a confessor, and if she were to give into her love for Richard, he would end up “confessed” and be her eternal slave. She does not want him loving her because he is forced to. So, they remain unattached, but clearly a couple.

In a battle, with him wielding his sword, and her using her two knives, they were a formidable force in defeating their enemies.

Steve McGarrett and Catherin Rollins – Hawaii Five-0

Steve and Catherine - Hawaii Five-0

If I had any doubts about this couple, the recent episode “Olelo Pa’a” which featured the two of them battling their way out of North Korea clinched it for me. When she decided that she would accompany him, he was not able to convince her to back down despite strenuous objections.

Surely I was not the only one imagining what their babies would look like in camouflage diapers? And wondering where their family vacations would take them – Guantanamo Bay perhaps?

Michael Westen and Fiona Glennane – Burn Notice

Michael and Fiona - Burn Notice

When we first met Fiona, she was a trigger happy gun runner and explosives expert. Oh, and a former girlfriend of Michael’s. When they finally did get back together, Fiona was at first portrayed as a very needy woman-child. And yes, it is true that I complained in the article mentioned above about what a whiner they had made out of Fi.

But, thankfully they have given Fiona back her “should we shoot them?” hair trigger impulses, and allowed her full reign with her multitude of explosives. All I can say is bravo! This is one couple you do not want to surprise – EVER!

Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham – Fringe

Olivia, Walter and Peter - Fringe

The recently wrapped series Fringe was a lot of things. Weird sci-fi, psychological battles, medical experiments and of course gun battles. In particular, the final season of Fringe was full of a lot of fighting action.

In the final season, Peter and Olivia stepped up the plate and went into full warrior mode. Peter spent a significant amount of time avenging his daughter and Olivia, as a trained FBI agent, had always been a skilled fighter. Together they were unstoppable.

Jadzia Dax and Worf – Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Worf and Jadzia - Star Trek: Deep Space 9

For those of you that have never seen Star Trek: Deep Space 9, a program I highly recommend by the way, Jadzia was the science officer, and initially we did not see her warrior side. She was a Trill, a humanoid species. A small percentage of the population has a sentient symbiotic organism, called a symbiont, in their bodies. As a result, they have personalities which are a combination of the two beings and share in each other’s memories. Because the symbionts are longer lived than the humanoids they inhabit, one symbiont can contain the memories of many previous hosts.

As it turns out, one of Dax’s previous hosts, Curzon, was deeply involved with the Klingons as a diplomat and made many friends. As a result, once joined, Jadzia picked up on his knowledge by taking up Klingon martial arts, and developing an interest in Klingon culture. This turned her into a strong warrior, and made here a good mate for Worf.


So, what do you think of my list? Can you think of any warrior couples I missed? Please tell me about them in the comment section below! I love hearing your ideas.