2 Broke Girls Season 2 Review “And the Extra Work”

On the latest episode of “2 Broke Girls,” the girls got their moment in the spotlight- or at least in the background of it- on “And the Extra Work.” It seems that “Law & Order: SVU” were shooting in town and wanted to film at the diner, with the director signing on the girls and Earl as extras- hence the title.

Tom: “We think your diner would be a great place to kill someone.”
Caroline: “I get it, because every time I come in here, I die a little.”

All that remained was talking Han into it, so Max made him an offer he would be unwise to refuse.

Max: “Han, ‘Law & Order: SVU’ wants to shoot in the diner and if you don’t say yes, you’ll be my special victim when I cut your unit off.”

Eventually, the director takes a shine to Caroline, opting to make her one of the victims-of-the-week, after they realize that the hired woman has been there, done that. He and Caroline discuss her background, with her angling for the part over Max.

Caroline: “My acting’s more method, whereas hers is more meth-head.”

Personally, I’d have rather seen Max’s proposed buddy-action drama, “Funk & Skank,” in which the girls were cops by day, prostitutes by night, or as Caroline put it: “copstitutes.” Maybe they will do a call-back later and turn it into a “very special episode” of the show. The girls certainly took a shine to the acting thing, regardless.

Caroline: “This is great. We gotta figure out a way to get paid to sit around and eat food and do nothing more often.”
Han: “Oh, I think you cracked that code a long time ago.” LOL.

Also cracking the acting code was Earl.

Max: “I smell an Emmy!”
Earl: “Oh, that’s weed.”

We also got a guest shot from wayward Tenacious D member Kyle Gass as an FX guy, with a penchant for feeling up the females as he rigged squibs for a big shoot-out.

Kyle, to Max: “Those real?”
She nods.
Kyle: “Nice job.”

Not sure you needed an FX mastermind to figure that out, but then, this guy wasn’t exactly a wizard, what with his squibs going off prematurely at every turn. Though, to be fair, Sophie set off one of them. It was fun seeing the girls both get a crack at a death scene, with Caroline getting the director’s attention in a decidedly unique way.

Max: “He liked your death scene with his penis.”

Max proves to be right, as ever, as the director does indeed have designs on Caroline, who was halfway inclined to go for it, as her horse Chestnut was in dire need of some new footwear. (Loved the carrot-lined birthday cake, BTW.)

Caroline: “This is the oldest tale in the book. A woman is forced to trade her body to get her child shoes. It’s Shakespearian. It’s Dickensian. It’s…Kardashian.”

The director invites Caroline over with the seeming promise of more work in the business. No fool Caroline, she brings Max along to his hotel room, figuring that will keep him in line. Unfortunately, he takes it another way.

Caroline: “You heard me tell him he got the signs wrong.”
Max: “Apparently, the sign he read said ‘3-Way up ahead’.”

Now that would be one heck of a three-way! But I digress. The girls manage to get out of there intact, but Caroline pays the price when she’s demoted back to extra and Max gets the killer role instead, or should I say, “killed” role. But things don’t go any better for her, alas. It seems that Sophie has designs on breaking into the business as well, which Oleg has some helpful tips on.

Oleg: “Do what every other American would do: skip the hard work and put out a sex tape.”

Deciding to storm the shoot, she detonates the charge on Max and Max ends up getting let go as well in retaliation, which she isn’t too happy about.

Max: “Typical. Shoot on my chest and you’re done with me!”

Yep, another money shot joke. “2 Broke Girls” is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Do the censors even watch this show? (Not that I’m complaining, mind you.)

All in all, a pretty good episode. Definitely some amusing lines here and there, although the story was a bit slight, I suppose. I mean, I can’t imagine anyone watches this for the realistic plot lines, but still, that director was a bit too forward to be believable.

Not that there isn’t a casting couch in Hollywood, no doubt, but this guy was awfully blatant about it, and yet, didn’t come off nearly as sleazy as he was supposed to be. I think that had more to do (somewhat ironically, given the plotline) with the casting, though. It was a bit against type, with the actor in question (Tom Parker) being a bit too pretty boy for the role. Not that good looking guys can’t be sleazy, but this one didn’t seem so much sleazy as chipper- a little too chipper for it to be very believable.

What did you think of “2 Broke Girls” this week? Do you agree about the casting? Speaking of which, did you get a kick out of seeing Gass? Would you also like to see an episode of ‘Funk & Skank’? Let me know what you think in the comments section!