Nurse Jackie Season 5 Review “Smile”

Nurse Jackie has become one of those shows where I am rarely shocked to see anything, but I have to admit that the image of Jackie listening to self-help tapes as she prepared to enter her final mediation session with Kevin was shocking. Just when I thought that Jackie and Kevin had learned to be civil with each other, Kevin reacts to Jackie’s accidental rear-ending of his car with outrage and very loud accusations of drug abuse in Jackie’s place of work. Kevin, I’m officially over you. Get in your banged up, used car and drive off into the sunset. I’m erasing you from the picture. Hmph! And while I’m at it, damn those self-help tapes for causing Jackie’s accident! I’m really glad that Jackie asked Gloria to take her blood. Let’s just hope that Gloria doesn’t mess up the sample.

Just when I didn’t think I could hate Dr. Roman any more, she goes and writes Jackie a prescription for oxy. Thankfully, the painful 30 seconds of air time with Dr. Roman was vastly improved by Adam Ferrara. Ferrara joined the show as the dry-witted cop, Frank, who prepared Jackie’s accident report. I loved Ferrara on Rescue Me and I’m so happy to see him join Nurse Jackie. Eddie, however, was not too excited about Frank’s arrival. Eddie had a point, Jackie will need to clarify her relationship with him before she can truly move on with anyone new.

Other thoughts:

– I’m sad to see Zoe move out of Jackie’s place, but it was time. I loved that Zoe wanted Jackie’s approval of her new studio-plus.

– Coop finally stood up to Dr. Roman, which culminated in a crotch/boob grabbing session or “doctors playing doctor” as Thor aptly noted. It doesn’t feel as though we’re any closer to getting rid of Dr. Roman. Ugh.

– I’m so happy and relieved that Jackie opted for Icy Hot patches instead of her oxy prescription.

– Loved Jackie’s first date with Frank. I feel so conflicted because I like Eddie too. Oh well, I will enjoy watching Jackie figure things out. She deserves some positive male attention after Kevin’s non-stop guilt trip.

– What’s really going on with Gloria? Seriously?

What did you think of this week’s episode of Nurse Jackie? Is it time to self-identify as Eddie or Frank ‘shippers? Is there anyone out there hoping Jackie and Kevin will make their way back to each other. Sound off below! Until next week!