Mike & Molly Season 3 Review “Mike Can’t Read”

Molly’s decision to live life to the fullest has the whole house thinking. Afraid she might resent her unborn children, Molly decides to knock a few items off of her bucket list before starting a family with Mike. One thing she wants to do is roller skate. Mike doesn’t think this is a good idea seeing that he just managed to tackle putting the toilet seat down, something he is proud of. Molly tells him that he doesn’t get points for living like an ape.

Molly’s latest lease on life also gets her mom thinking. After Vince tells Joyce she’s too old to take a college art course, the men and the women of the house are divided. Vince tries to redeem himself by being a supportive and loving husband. After making her breakfast, Vince tries to change Joyce’s mind, but fails miserably. Joyce pays Molly a visit after her college class, admitting that she was strictly out to tick off Vince. She also doesn’t care for the hippy art teacher. For a second the two share a heartfelt moment before Joyce declares how awesome she is! Joyce’s scene with the young kid in detention was also pretty hilarious! Joyce tells the boy that she’s meaner than her daughter before sharing with him that she would have him taring highways, not sitting at a desk in the afternoon.

Determined to tackle her wish list, Molly ends up learning a valuable lesson from her mom after she finds out that she wasn’t the reason Joyce quit painting. Joyce and Vince also make amends. Joyce decides to leave college behind, but not her love of painting. Instead she gets Vince, her muse, to pose in the nude for her right in the living room. The site is too much for Mike and Molly, who come home from rolling skating to see Vince perched up on a stool in his birthday suit. Another funny episode, but is anyone else ready for Mike and Molly to have a baby?!