Person of Interest Season 2 Review “In Extremis”

Person of Interest feels like it’s gearing up for a mad rush to the end of the season. That means there are a lot of loose ends to tie up.

The day of reckoning finally comes for Fusco. Or maybe not. We get a look back at Fusco’s unsavory relationship with his crooked cop friend, Detective Stills. Fusco helps Stills conceal a murder that occurred during a drug deal/robbery. This puts Fusco at the center of a low level ring of corruption involving drugs and money. It’s hard to see how Fusco is going to get out of this. It’s even harder to think that he should. Fusco has turned things around, but he has never accepted the consequences of his previous behavior.

Fusco is poised to finally have his past sins exposed, but when the police go to the field where he buried Stills, nobody expects what happens next. HR looks as shocked as Fusco when they come upon the empty hole where Stills’ body was buried. At the end, we learn that Carter, with a little help from Bear, is responsible for tampering with the evidence. I understand that this is Fusco, and Carter is right to want to protect her friend. But, this still feels like a dark turn for her. Since she’s started working with Reese and Finch, she’s been willing to bend the rules quite a bit. But, this feels like something different – something worse. Since Carter did not physically move the body by herself that means that she has now aligned herself with criminal elements. I can’t imagine that’s a position she will enjoy being in.

This week, the machine sends Finch and Reese to protect Dr. Nelson, a prominent and well-respected surgeon. Reese is too late, though. Dr. Nelson is poisoned and has less than 24 hours to help Reese find his killer. They eventually figure out that Dr. Nelson was poisoned because he was a loose end – someone who could reveal to the SEC that he had unwittingly given information to a stock broker who used it for insider trading.

Reese spends most of the episode with Dr. Nelson, and Finch takes a backseat. Reese and the doctor scoop up the stock broker to whom he accidentally gave the stock tip. It was surprising how far the doctor was willing to go to discover the plot behind his murder. When it unravels and he comes face to face with the hedge fund boss who gave the order, the result is shocking. Reese and Dr. Nelson poison the man. This was rather extreme on Reese’s part. We’ve seen him put down bad guys many many times, but deliberate poisoning felt different. Reese is the good guy, but is he going too far in his vigilante justice? A persistent theme throughout the episode is whether or not someone deserves to die because they’ve done some bad things in the past. Evidently, the answer is yes.

After Dr. Nelson dies, Finch and Reese suspect that something is wrong with the machine. They keep arriving too late to save the person of interest. Finch realizes, again too late, that Stanton’s virus has almost completely compromised the machine. At the end of the episode, we see that the machine is shutting down. The loss of the machine would rob Finch and Reese of their current life purposes. It will be interesting to see what lengths they are willing to go to in order to save the machine.

Unsurprisingly, we got cream of the crop of guest stars this week. If you’re a Warehouse 13 fan, like I happen to be, you must’ve been equally excited to see Allison Scagliotti as Molly. The only bummer here was that we didn’t see enough of her. Dennis Boutsikaris, who has made the rounds recently on every hit CBS show, gave a solid performance as the doctor.

I hope that Person of Interest is setting the stage for some epic showdowns. I’d really like to have the HR storyline wrapped up this season. It has dragged on long enough. It also might be time to get some kind of closure with Root. I like the idea of Finch having a nemesis and I love Amy Acker, but having her pop up every now and again is not working. I didn’t realize I felt this way until I saw that she’s coming back in the next episode and thought, “Yeah, yeah. Root is back.” We need some fresh blood.

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  • lll

    Root should have been better than popping up every now and then. Jonathan and Greg declared her the main baddie of the season and she is starting to become a disappointment. Working with Reese and Finch may redeem her–only if she stabs them in the back.

    The machine getting infected, the determined POI, Carter turning to the dark side for Fusco and (to my surprise) learning how Fusco became a dirty cop was the best parts of the episode. It’s about to go down the last two episodes.

    Not looking forward to seeing Shaw again but she has the next episode and the finale to change my mind.

  • ptjackson

    Thank you for mentioning Allison S. – it was nice to see her in this episode.

    As for Fusco, he did not kill the guy whose body he disposed of, but rather was being framed for it, so I can forgive Carter for tampering with the false evidence.

    Did I see incorrectly – is Stanton in the next episode? I know I saw Root, and III mentioned Shaw – I appreciate any help you can give me from the previews!

    As for vigilante justice – well, this was a tough one, because the only evidence was dying. If they did not take direct action, the dude would have gotten away with it. I know, we can’t be judge and executioner, but sometimes it feels to see it done and finished!