Lost Girl Season 3 Review “Those Who Wander”

We may have had to wait an extra week for it, but damned if “Lost Girl” didn’t manage to shoehorn in a whole lot of stuff on its way out, in “Those Who Wander.” Most everything came together, and I was wrong about a lot of it, which is actually nice, as the alternative would be my easily predicting everything, and no one wants that. Perhaps just as impressively, I don’t think anyone else that I’ve talked to or read comments from saw all of the twists coming, and neither did they wrap everything up in a nice little package. That’s no mean feat when we’re all throwing out conspiracy theories left and right.

The show really kept you on your toes throughout the episode, and I continuously found myself second-guessing everything. For instance, I wanted to believe that Tamsin would ultimately come down on the side of good, but it took her nearly fighting Bo to the death to get there, which made me think I was way off base until the very end. She even used the potion on her, and I didn’t think she’d do that, either.

Ditto Lauren, who seemed to have finally gone rogue on us and teamed up with Isaac to realize his nefarious plot. I mean, granted, I figured she almost had to be up to something, and I remember thinking that maybe she would try to kill him during surgery, but I didn’t see her turning him into a different kind of fae than he wanted. That was some pretty quick and savvy thinking on her part.

They really played that beautifully, as the show set everything up perfectly, what with her operating on the Cabbit, Suneetha, before the big surgery with Isaac and Dyson and even making it part of the deal. It was a wonderful bit of irony that the woman he kidnapped to both experiment on and use as incentive for the bartender to drug Dyson would be his ultimate downfall. He may have got his wish to become fae, but in the end, it also sealed his fate as Dyson’s lunch. Hate when that happens.

That said, though, Lauren now knows she can combine human and fae DNA and make humans into fae. Might she do just that at some point to herself, so that her and Bo can be together for real, without all the issues they had before? If she makes herself able to withstand Bo’s powers to a higher degree than what she was capable of, what’s to stop them from a happily ever after…save of course, Dyson. Nice going on that front, by the way, in playing off of Lauren’s inherent and understandable jealousy of Dyson- it really helped sell it, even if you suspected that there was no way Lauren would go as rogue as it seemed.

Another thing to consider for the future: as they didn’t kill everyone at Isaac’s lab, that means that more than a few people know that Lauren is capable of mixing humans and fae now. Surely Isaac won’t be the last human to want Lauren to do so, and if anyone figures out how to do it themselves from Lauren’s lab work, they could make a killing on the black market turning humans into fae. That could make for some interesting plot machinations on down the line next season.

Another neat twist was that it was proved to be Hale that “kidnapped” Trick, with the intention of getting him out of town until the situation blew over. I don’t think anyone saw that coming, and nice move getting Stella in on that. Trick’s right- Hale would make for a great Ash. Maybe with Vex having captured the Morrigan on his behalf, he can reclaim his position once he clears his name (and Lauren and Kenzi’s, for that matter) from all of her public accusations on the last episode.

However, she does have some inside info that she didn’t before, as she discovered from reading Kenzi that Bo can harvest multiple energies (or “Chi”) from multiple hosts at the same time, which is apparently not normal. Many suspected that her Bo’s father had something to do with that, and they are likely right.

Speaking of which, though it was never outright confirmed that Bo’s father was Odin, as some have posited, it was seemingly confirmed that he was the big bad villain that everyone is working for, and in fear of, including Tamsin and the Morrigan. Who is he is, really, remains to be seen, but it was at least confirmed that he was the mysterious “wanderer” we’ve been hearing about for some time. That was cool when he engulfed Bo and the two of them appeared on that Tarot card together.

Although, shame on Syfy for all but cutting that last bit off with an advertisement for next season, as if postponing the finale wasn’t bad enough. I think this episode would have been even more effective without the big two-week break in between. What the what, Syfy? Who’s running things there? AMC? (“The Walking Dead” fans know what I’m talking about…)

Other fun moments: Amanda and Kasey giving Tamsin a glittery makeover before surgery- OMGG, Ke$ha would approve- the bits with Bruce and Kenzi (“I love you, too, Kenzi”/“I was talking to the car.” /“Idiot!” LOL.), and Dyson licking his chops after chowing down on Isaac. My fave line of the evening goes to Tamsin, who upon waking up and seeing Amanda and Kasey, says: “I knew I was a goner, but I didn’t think I was gonna wake up in slut heaven.”

Runner-up lines:
The opening bit with the henchman getting the crap kicked out of him by Bo: “Every kick from your boot is bliss.”
Bruce’s explaining his recital of the poem about the Twig of Zamora to Kenzi: “I have a PhD in medieval fae verse.”
And, of course, Kenzi quoting “Back to the Future”: “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”
(I think Tamsin might have been quoting something, too, when she said: “We all gotta die someday.” “Terminator 2,” maybe? That would make sense, given Linda Hamilton’s role on the show. Sound off below if you know!)

I also loved the use of the term “Dr. Frankenbitch” about Lauren and had to look up what the hell “chouette” shoes were (it’s a fancy way of saying “cute shoes”). Oh, and I guess Aife is on the loose again now- poor Suneetha. I thought maybe she had redeemed herself by protecting Bo and intercepting that knife, but oh well. That was also a cool revelation that Bo was named after her grandmother, and that Aife knew that Dyson had given up his wolf for Bo.

Well, I think that about covers everything, though feel free to comment on anything else I might have forgotten! What did you think of the “Lost Girl” season finale? Looking forward to next season? Any early predictions? What did you think of the season on the whole? (For the record, I thought it was erratic at times, but they ultimately pulled it all together.) Let me know in the comments!