American Dad Season 8 Review “The Boring Identity”

Was it just me, or did this week’s American Dad, “The Boring Identity,” feel somehow even more juvenile than usual? It was premised, essentially, on laughing at the concept of a “sensitive” man, and went on to make fart jokes, poop jokes, and a burp joke combined with an “old ladies are funny” joke. That, paired with the fact that it feels extremely similar to last week’s episode in terms of plot, made it a sub-par outing in my book.

For the second week in a row, we get Francine attempting to change Stan for her own benefit; it’s just swapped from kinky to sensitive and caring this time around. And while I know that episode order for animated shows is often futzed with and mixed around, and maybe in some alternate universe these two episodes weren’t shown right next to each other, but still, I can’t help but compare them. And when I do, this week comes up lacking. The funniest part of the whole endeavor is Delroy, the manager of Futon World, who’s game for pretty much anything. He was great, in his absurd commitment to the role.

The B-plot is the more absurd outing of the night, and while it’s pretty fun, I left it feeling like it was just a little too slight, relying heavily on montage and an out of the blue supernatural ending. Actually, the whole episode relied pretty heavily on montage, as well as musical numbers – two animated comedy stand-bys that almost always feel sweaty, especially when used in the same episode.

I realize that I sound pretty harsh about “The Boring Identity,” and while there was fun to be had – Stan’s “Doug and Buster’s” Zero Dark Thirty ripoff, and the following motorcycle video game injury, were pretty great – mostly I was bored. Which is really the greatest sin a comedy with the manic energy of American Dad can commit.