Nurse Jackie Season 5 Review “Luck of the Drawing”

Nurse Jackie Season 5 Episode 2 Luck of the Drawing (1)

Have you ever had a television show or an episode of a show freak you out about something you’d never previously worried about? Lost gave me fear of crashing on a secluded island full of supernatural secrets. The Walking Dead made me think about what I would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Thanks to Nurse Jackie, I’m now terrified of having a spider in my ear. *shiver* But I digress.

Oh, Kevin. I’m officially over you and your crappy attitude. I would like to personally invite you to build a bridge and get over it. This week’s episode of Nurse Jackie started off with Jackie and Kevin trying to work out the final details of their divorce via mediation. Unsurprisingly, the only issue over which the two cannot agree is custody of the kids. Kevin wants full custody. Based on his attitude, I think Kevin just wants full custody as another means of his constant need to punish his soon to be ex wife.

I don’t like Dr. Roman. I hope that she’s here as a plot device and will depart All Saints very, very soon. If she doesn’t get fired, I hope she is relegated to some off-screen room where she treats patients with impacted bowels. Someone needs to permanently separate her from the naive, impressionable, well-intentioned Dr. Cooper.

I missed Dr. O’Hara at the hospital this week, but I appreciate that Zoe is still here and still Zoe. Of course she would volunteer to be the hand washing monitor.

I was happy that Gloria rehired Eddie last week and even happier that he extended his friendship to Jackie again. How sweet (but totally not Jackie) was the horse and carriage ride? Regardless of their past, Eddie still seems very dedicated to Jackie, which is quite telling when compared to Kevin’s treatment of her.

Lingering questions . . .

What’s up with Gloria?

I know I shouldn’t be surprised that Jackie, the queen of secrets, has a dad out there somewhere. But really, Jackie has a dad who sends her flowers on her birthday?

How did Dr. Roman get through medical school, residency . . . life?

How sweet yet sad was it that Jackie was venting her troubles to Charlie’s voicemail?

How awesome is Zoe? Seriously. I was starting to get a little teary at how horrible Jackie’s birthday was going and then Zoe saved the day. What in the world did Zoe say to Kevin? Seriously.

Is it safe to say that Grace has some anger issues?

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