Continuum Season 2 Review “Second Chances”

Season one of Continuum only wrapped up a few weeks ago in the US, but the show’s second season premiere, ‘Second Chances’, has aired in its native Canada. Coming back as strong and engaging as ever, the worry that the continuation of Keira’s adventures wouldn’t live up to the first outing are way off the mark. The show gathered a huge fan-base during its first season, proving a sci-fi starved public with intelligent genre telly, and I couldn’t be happier to see it back on our screens.

The big cliffhanger of season one isn’t fully resolved in this first episode, but we do pick up just ten days after the events of the finale. Alec is determinedly avoiding Kiera because of whatever he heard in his future self’s message, and Kiera has gone rogue from the Vancouver police department. She’s pulling a “superhero act” as Carlos later puts it, and is acting alone as much to keep her friend out of trouble as she is to get things done without her every move being watched. It won’t be easy going forward, however, as both Dillon and Gardiner are growing increasingly suspicious.

The fact that they’d let someone as mysterious as Kiera go about inflicting justice is a little unrealistic, but it’s worth it to have her act outside of the law. We all want her to work with Carlos again, and apparently that will happen as early as next week, but the procedural element of season one was probably the weakest part. Considering this is a season premiere, we don’t have that problem, and investigation this week centers on Liber8’s assassination of the Mayor. Now a returning Tahmoh Penikett seems to have a larger part in the show, and that’s always good news for sci-fi fanatics.

After the events of last season, Alec is trying to change the course of his life. I’m not entirely sure what he’s so perturbed about – maybe the commenters can fill me in – but it’s interesting to see him outside of the barn and making his own way in the world. He now lives in a student-esque house-share with fellow gamers, has a job at a technology store, and can only help Kiera part-time. Alec’s new set-up has the potential to spin-off into its own show, reminding me a lot of early Chuck, and it’s a massive improvement that I can’t wait to see utilized across the season.

Overall, season two seems a lot more serialized and a little bit more expensive. The alterations are small, however, considering how different the atmosphere must be behind the scenes after the success the show has enjoyed. The general tone and sense of quality are still there, with the quick pace and frequent action also making an appearance. In short, what made the series a success in the first place hasn’t gone missing, and we’re still watching slick and intelligent sci-fi that’s sadly quite rare at the moment.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers use their new ideas and set-ups, and there’s no reason why Continuum’s second season won’t be as fantastic as the first. What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.