Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “The Kids Run the Restaurant”

If you were to frame your expectations for tonight’s Bob’s Burgers based on the episode’s name, “The Kids Run the Restaurant,” you might have actually expected to see what would happen to Bob’s restaurant when Tina, Gene, and Louise took over the operation. Louise has a natural mind for money, so I was sort of curious to see how she would run the restaurant, but she had her sights set on bigger things than running a burger joint.

The start of the episode gave us a look at what the restaurant is typically like for Bob when his kids are at their most annoying. Special attention was paid to Bob’s distracted tomato slicing and when he announced that he had been cut, I was expecting a much more serious gash than the little “finger crotch” splice he actually ended up with. For someone who grinds his own raw beef, I wouldn’t have pegged Bob as someone so easily affected by the sight of blood coming out of a glorified paper cut, but it was bad enough that Linda felt the need to make a special trip to the emergency room and shut down the restaurant for lunch.

Bob’s time at the ER was amusing and sort of disgusting. I’m sure that any germ-a-phobe watching could relate to Bob’s anxiety over being surrounded by unhygienic coughing and sneezing. Unfortunately his hospital nightmare was just beginning and his treatment at the hands of a brand new doctor turned his tiny little cut into a blood squirting disaster.

Back at the restaurant, Louise had already overpowered Tina’s babysitting authority and opened the restaurant for business. After their first failed customer, Louise gave up on her plans to run the restaurant and convinced the kids to join her in running a basement gambling operation which became an immediate success among the neighborhood kids.

Louise adjusted quickly to her success in the underground casino business, while Gene and Tina stepped into their roles with little resistance. Gene’s Dreamgirl-esque “Cutie Patooties” storyline was a crack up and the emergence of Tina’s natural talents as a charming casino cocktail waitress was unexpected, but not entirely surprising.

Everything was going great until Mr. Fischoeder stumbled into the joint and put the entire operation at risk. Of course, had it been anyone other than Mr. Fischoeder who sauntered down those stairs, the Belcher kid’s casino scheme might have actually been at risk. Being a serious gambling man, Mr. Fischoeder had no qualms about throwing down a $100 bet on a table against a room full of tweens. When Fischoeder’s losing streak turned into a rock-paper-scissor’s winning streak, Louise’s own gambling nature came out and reared its ugly head.

After Bob and Linda got back from the ER and walked into the $5,000 gambling debt that Louise managed to rack up in their basement, Bob reluctantly cooperated with one final double-or-nothing plan to win it all back. Once again, Bob had to suffer both physical and emotional trauma to bail his kids out of a sticky situation and he came through with flying colors.

Although Bob’s original wound was pretty minor, this was a somewhat gory episode of Bob’s Burgers. I happen to be one of those people that gets a good chuckle out of exaggerated and ridiculous blood splatter, so I couldn’t help but laugh when Bob’s finger wound sprayed blood all over Linda and the car, and later, Mr. Fischoeder and all the kids in his basement. Things never got so serious that we couldn’t laugh at Bob’s plight. I appreciated that all this gory humor came from the tiniest little cut, rather than having Bob lose a finger. Normally, blood and guts wouldn’t seem to fit in with the Bob’s Burgers comedy style, but it was done right here.