The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Review “Pictures of You” — Look Who’s Back…Sort Of

If there’s one consistent criticism that I have of The Vampire Diaries it’s that, even when it is at its best, the show fails to really acknowledge the clueless humans of Mystic Falls. Even Matt, who was praised by Rebekah this week for his humanity, is only human of note in a group in which he, uh, is the only real human (Bonnie excepted since she’s all super witch). Sure, there’s April, but did anyone really care when it seemed as though she might die this week? Exactly.

My point is that in an episode like ‘Pictures of You’ in which nothing much happened for the first 40 minutes, but which served as a pretty good character study, some actual acknowledgement of the rest of the townsfolk would be nice. Instead we had the Caroline-created ‘Pictures of You’ themed prom in which the only pictures were of our beloved Scrappy gang, and the prom goers partied like it was a seriously boring 1999, no one seeming to be bothered by the fact that almost every other social gathering in Mystic Falls in the last two years has gone to hell.

That minor gripe aside, this was a decent episode, if one that didn’t really show us much new. Elena continued to be a bitch, though with hints of humanity peeking out around the edges. Stefan continued to say he doesn’t want Elena, even while making eyes at her. Damon kept on realising that human Elena might not want him if/when she’s human again. Rebekah tried to be human (and supposedly failed, even though she was saving a life). Everybody frowned.

The really interesting stuff came mostly at the end of the episode. Poor Elijah was conned into handing over the vampirism cure to Silas. And after running around impersonating people, including Jeremy, Silas convinced Bonnie to go along with his plan and help him drop the veil between the living and dead-supernatural worlds. This resulted in our first look at Silas’ actual face, and the realisation that, holy crap, his big scary plan may finally happen.

Seriously, guys, I know Silas is supposed to be a terrifying big bad, but right now even Elena is looking more worrisome.

Whether the veil-dropping happens next week remains to be seen as the episode is going to be ‘The Originals’, which seems to be a backdoor pilot of sorts for the upcoming spinoff. I’m not entirely convinced a spinoff is a good idea, not when the current season of TVD has been fairly hit-or-miss, but it’ll be interesting to see how things go down in New Orleans.

On a less whiney, more shippy note: It’s simultaneously pathetic and adorable how Klaus, big bad Klaus, didn’t even have to be convinced to not only hand over another priceless family possession to Caroline, but to allow Tyler to get away unharmed. Too cute. And I still want Rebekah to get the vampirism cure, if only so she and Matt can shack up and live happily ever after. Even if ‘ever after’ isn’t very long in Mystic Falls…

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