Castle Season 5: Let the Countdown to the Finale Begin

With only four episodes left in the current, fifth season of Castle, fans are assuredly on the edge of their seats waiting to find out what is going to happen next on their favorite screwball dramedy that stars Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic as the best cop-and-author detective duo to ever grace TV.

But first, one thing that fans need to know is that in light of the recent tragedy at the Boston marathon the episode entitled “Still” that was set to air on ABC this Monday (April 22) will actually be postponed for one week, swapping places with next week’s episode entitled “The Squab and the Quail”.

The reason for the switch? Well, “Still” – as those who stuck around last week to see clips for the next episode can attest – is to focus on Detective Kate Beckett (Katic) stepping on a bomb which needs to be disarmed. Obviously the events that took place in Boston have made the network attune to the idea that it is too soon to see an episode with this subject matter so they are wisely switching it for next week’s episode that finds Beckett guarding a billionaire. [Source: TV By The Numbers].

That billionaire, Erik Vaughn, will be played by actor Ioan Gruffudd (from ‘Fantastic Four’ fame and the TV series ‘Ringer’) who, according to a report at TV Guide, will “exacerbate” the relationship between Castle and Beckett because “if Castle aspired to be someone, he’d aspire to be this guy” says series creator Andrew W. Marlowe. It is being reported that Erik will “ask Beckett some tough questions about where her relationship is heading” and that Castle is “determined to solve the case” in order “to get his girlfriend away from him”.

There will be yet another man who enters Beckett’s life, a federal investigator to be played by actor Carlos Bernard (of ‘24’ fame), who will appear in the penultimate episode entitled “The Human Factor”. Again, according to Marlowe, “He (will) open Beckett’s eyes on other possibilities that might be out there for her”.

Details on the season finale, which is entitled “Watershed” and is set to air on Monday, May 13, have not been revealed; which means fans will have to sit in wait for what big moment will happen. As we know in the past, the show has left us with memorable moments like when Kate was shot in the chest at Captain Montgomery’s funeral with Rick uttering “I love you” or when Kate showed up at Castle’s door admitting she only wanted him. With their being a couple, will we be left with a critical break-up moment (let’s hope not) or maybe something more special or will a big case pull them apart.

No matter what happens do not miss the final four episodes of the fifth season of ‘Castle’, starting on Monday, April 22 on ABC and running straight through to the season finale on Monday, May 13 at 10/9c each night.