Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Review “Heart of Darkness”

‘Heart of Darkness’ saw the titular Beauty and the Beast come head to head with Muirfield, thanks to Evan’s attempts to protect Cat by taking Vincent out of the picture. It was a decent episode in parts, but one which solidified my view that this show only really works for viewers who think that Cat and Vincent should be together, no matter what the current situation looks like. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but the writing could do with being tightened up somewhat.

It all went pretty well up until the last fifteen minutes or so. I liked our look inside Muirfield’s spartan base of operations and I loved the creepy Thing-esque disembodied hand being brought back to some semblance of life. The creep factor was upped by the big speech about how Muirfield would keep Vincent alive as they dissected him. This is where the otherwise pretty pathetic enemy finally started to look like a real threat.

And then it became a schlocky mess. Evan taking the blame for the leaks which allowed the vigilante to escape was sweet, but did we really need Evan doing a complete 180 on his views of Vincent? I suppose it served a purpose, allowing Cat someone strong to save her from Muirfield, but when it was then followed up by Cat and Vincent pretty much saying that their love is strong enough to weather anything, well. I’m glad they deem their love worthy of putting so many people in danger.

I won’t even begrudge the show for putting their leads together in the first season, but why exactly can’t Vincent and Cat drive off into the sunset alone, to a place where Muirfield won’t find them? It’s not like they would have to go far; Muirfield are so incompetent that they could hop state lines and be safe. On the bright side, this incompetence should make it easy for Vincent and Cat to bring Muirfield down.

Let’s end on a high, shall we? Who else thinks that a second season would see Evan return from the apparent dead with a shiny beast of his very own? I’d probably be tempted to tune in for that alone…

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