Psych Season 7 Review “Right Turn or Left for Dead” – Nothing is as it Seems

Psych Season 7 Episode 8 Right Turn or Left for Dead

In this episode of Psych, called “Right Turn or Left for Dead,” Shawn imagines what would’ve happened if he’d never loaned Juliet his jacket and we see both the good and the bad of the alternate scenario.

After the trauma of the fast few minutes of last week’s episode, this was an interesting way for them to address the situation while still giving us some lighthearted moments. Thanks to the alternate reality – or dream reality, as I liked to think of it – Shawn and everyone else got to be silly and funny. We got Lassiter with a puppy and everything was completely normal. Heck, even the lighting and coloring in the dream reality was different – giving us a view of a bright, happy time that sadly doesn’t exist for Shawn and Juliet anymore.

Flipping back and forth between realities, I almost started to wonder which one was real. Was it possible they were going to try and write off what happened last week as a dream? But no, that wasn’t the case and once I knew that for sure, it made the story even sadder. Shawn and Juliet had their challenges in the beginning of their relationship so I guess I figured we were done. How I could forget the biggest thing that could come between them – his lie to everyone about being psychic
– I don’t know.

Thanks to the alternate realities, it was prolonged a bit but eventually Shawn and Juliet had another heart-to-heart and she made it clear that she still felt the same way. I’m sure we all saw it coming but that didn’t make it hurt any less when she asked him to move out. I feel like I might be in shock with Shawn right now because I can’t even begin to pontificate on what will happen with them next. For now, I’m just going to be content with knowing that Shawn undoubtedly have the support of Gus and his dad to help him and Juliet will hopefully find someone she can talk to as well.

NOTE: This review was done without the use of a DVR and no closed-captioning – which means no going back and re-watching any scene or going back to catch lines I missed. Please forgive any misheard lines or misunderstood scenes.

My favorite bits..

Shawn picturing what happened with Juliet over and over.

Shawn picturing the moment, except this time without it all going to heck.

Dream Juliet naming all the ways she loved Shawn more.

Finding it kind of hard to celebrate the full theme song knowing what Shawn and Juliet were about to go through.

“My heart feels like wet toilet paper.”

Gus telling Shawn that he could stay at his place if he needed to. . “Listen man, you are seriously messing with your gratuity here!”

Dream Shawn singing to Dream Juliet. So beyond sweet I could’ve just died right there on my couch

Shawn asking if he could get online with the hospital machines.

Cracking up at the fact that Lassiter Jr. was a basset hound, but also wondering why Shawn hadn’t picked out a collie. Too “on the nose” perhaps?

Dream Lassie holding the dog.

Shawn repeating the fact that he might have a mild concussion and thereby proving it.

“Honestly is everything to me, Shawn. It’s everything.”

Dying at the sight of Lassie Jr. hanging over Dream Lassiter’s shoulder.

Gus pointing out that the strange language on the Swedish website was most likely Swedish.

Dream Lassiter yelling after Lassiter Jr. like that kid in the Lassie movies.

“Hey! This dog is one hell of a cop.”

Dream Lassie baby-talking Lassiter Jr.

“I think your concussion just got upgraded to severe.”

“Let me guess, you’re off to see the Wizard?”

Finding it sort of hilarious that Dream Lassiter was trying to be serious while holding a puppy.

Dream Shawn trying to pull off that he and Gus were Swedish.

Dream Shawn’s Swedish accent sounding decidedly Irish after he drank the shot.

Dream Lassiter cuddling the puppy and keeping him away from Shawn.

Dream Shawn suggesting that Gus try using a burlap sack to cover his face.

“The chicken dance turned more into a chicken scrum.”

“Do you have any idea what your father has bubbling up inside?”
“Unfortunately I do, Lloyd. I shared a bathroom with him.”

Shawn telling his dad what happened with Juliet.

Dream Shawn reassuring Dream Juliet that he would find as sweet a spot for a proposal, and then finding the gun in the stream.

“He’s a Lassiter now, he’s gotta stay frosty.”

“Can you and your stupid hair let us in?”

OMG! OMG! OMG! The truck running over Shawn was unreal!!

“Is everyone clear? I think I just blew my own mind.”

“My beautiful brain!”

Shawn thanking Juliet for saving him and her pointing that she was a cop. OUCH.

“If you’re not psychic, then you’re a really good cop. Maybe the to me.” – THAT WAS TOO CRUEL, SHOW. TOO CRUEL.

Poor Shawn telling Juliet that if he had just not given her his jacket, it would all be okay.

Juliet asking for space and for Shawn to move out.

The Psych-Outs.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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