Community Season 4 Review “Intro to Knots”

Community Season 4 Episode 10 Intro to Knots (3)

Merry Christmas, Community fans! If there’s anything I enjoy more than celebrating my favorite holiday with one of my favorite casts on television, it’s celebrating it in April! And I know that we weren’t supposed to be getting gifts for each other, but “Intro to Knots” got me one of the greatest gifts of all: No Chevy Chase!

All right, calm down. I’m kidding…mostly. I never really hated Pierce like others, but it’s definitely true that even with him out of this episode (And not appearing in person in last week’s episode) you really don’t feel like his absence is poorly affecting the show at all. There may have been other problems with tonight’s installment, but Pierce’s exclusion definitely wasn’t one of them.

Tonight gave us one of the longest looks we’ve ever seen of the inside of Jeff’s apartment, as the group all makes their way there for a regular old adult Christmas party. Of course it wouldn’t be an episode of Community if this party went off without a crazy hitch, so we find out that the group got a failing grade on their history paper and Annie invited Malcolm McDowell’s character Professor Cornwallis in an attempt to get a better grade. Now we only saw him in a couple scenes earlier this season in “Alternative History of the German Invasion”, so we really didn’t get a very good handle on his cranky and chauvinistic personality. Malcolm McDowell is a great actor, and he did a great job tonight, but he really came out of nowhere for me. It seemed strange to focus an entire episode on a character that we’ve barely seen.

The rest of the interactions between the study group were spot-on Community, even though there might not have been quite as many laugh-out-loud moments as we’re used to having. It’s always fun to see the group at odds with each other and have to overcome their differences, and it’s those kinds of moments that I’m going to miss when this show is done in a few short weeks.

I was glad that we got a little bit more on what’s going on with Chang/Kevin. With only a few episodes left this season, and possibly in this series, I hope we get a satisfying conclusion not only to everybody’s story, but also to whatever is going on with Chang.

Tonight’s episode may not have been very funny, but that seems to be an ongoing issue with the episodes this season. I’m not going to jump on the hate bandwagon for Community‘s fourth season, but I’m really going into each episode no longer expecting a laugh riot. At this point I really just want to enjoy seeing some of my favorite television characters interacting with each other, and if I can laugh at a few funny one-liners and pop culture references then that’s just icing on the cake!

Random Thoughts:

– I appreciated Troy’s line about who untied Professor Cornwallis saying “Can’t we just say a ghost did it again?” This was a great reference to one of my favorite season two episodes, “Cooperative Calligraphy”, where Troy suggested that a ghost stole Annie’s pen.

– Another great reference to a past episode was the alternate timelines from the season three classic “Remedial Chaos Theory”. I hope they don’t just keep referencing old episodes as fan service, but rather fitting them in where it’s appropriate.

– Dean Pelton’s obsession with Jeff has been taken to a rather ridiculous level this season, but I did enjoy him touching Jeff’s abs as he leaves his apartment in a huff.