American Idol Season 12 Review “Results Show”

Well, well, well. It would seem that America has gotten on the ball as of late. First, they finally wised up and gave Lazaro the boot, then after my predictions to the contrary last night, they finally got on board the Amber train for tonight’s “American Idol.” Go figure.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Despite my predictions, I actually enjoyed Amber’s performances for the most part, my lack of Streisand fandom notwithstanding. Anyway, damned if Amber didn’t land in the Top Three finally, and it’s about time. Given her past stellar efforts, it was a sad sight indeed seeing her land in the bottom three line-up time and again.

Instead, it was Janelle who ended up getting the shove-off, which I must admit was a bit of a shocker. Not that her performance was anything stellar, mind you. I just thought her fan-base was more concentrated and close-knit than Amber’s, if the past was any indication.

Well, no such luck, as Janelle was given her walking papers. Oh well. Truth be told, though her performances weren’t that bad, they weren’t that great, either. Hey, at least she got a shout-out from Dolly for her troubles.

Speaking of which, although we didn’t get to hear from Beyoncé (whose song Angie covered), we did get a surprise visit from the original late, great “Idol” judge, Ms. Paula Abdul, who popped in to show her appreciation to Candice for adeptly covering her song. Pretty cool seeing her, and Candice looked genuinely thrilled, as did Nicki, who did the “I’m not worthy” bow in her honor.

Other repeat visits from the past included former third season “Idol”-winner Fantasia Barrino, who did her latest single, the Prince-like “Lose to Win”– which could be the motto of her fellow contestant that year Jennifer Hudson, given how she’s fared since; and season two runner-up Clay Aiken, who reprised his signature Simon & Garfunkel cover “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Also putting in an appearance in the audience were Fantasia’s fellow third season runner-up LaToya London and season six winner Jordin Sparks, who was with her musical beau Jason Derülo.

In addition to that, the girls did a decent Donna Summer medley for no particular reason I could figure out, save her qualifying as a diva, I suppose. Naturally, Candice fared the best with the material, but Amber would not be denied, either- could this be the beginning of a big turn-around for her? I love Summer’s music, but I would have liked to have heard some “Bad Girls” or “Hot Stuff” and both would have suited Angie and Janelle better, if not Kree, who was noticeably out of her element.

Indeed, Kree also landed in the bottom this week, so this week on the whole was a bit of a misfire for her. Lucky for her she gets another shot at it, unlike Janelle. Despite Janelle’s sad ending, it was nice hearing her spot-on reworking of “You Keep Me Hanging On” again, which was far and away one of my favorite things she did on the show. I suspect she’ll be fine in the long run, though- or at least the short term, as I can’t imagine she won’t get to release at least a CD or two. She should fare just fine with her core country audience.

Kree, on the other hand, needs to figure out what she wants to be fast, as I suspect her genre-hopping is confusing voters too much for her own good. While I certainly admire her versatility, at the same time, when you change up what you’re doing as radically as she does from week to week, you risk alienating your audience, and I think she has as of late. All she needs is to hit it out of the park next week, and she could be right back in this thing.

As nice as it is to see Amber get her due, all it takes is one bad song and the fans could turn on her. Just ask Janelle. I suspect as strong as these last four standing are though, no matter who gets clipped next week may get rescued. Don’t forget, the judges still have that save, and they’re gonna want to use it sooner than later, and I think they will no matter what the results are next week.

The only way I see them not doing it is if Kree picks her songs poorly next week, and it would have to be really badly, as the judges have always liked her. Even so, Amber fought her way to her current position, so they might just let Kree go instead if she drops the ball, in order to save one of the others the week after. We shall see, I guess. I will forgo any predictions until we see what transpires. In the meantime, I can honestly say, I’m glad I was wrong this week, and sincere congrats to Amber for pulling off one of the well-earned top spots in the competition.

What did you think of the results on “American Idol” this week? Any predictions on the winner yet? Let me know in the comments!