The Good Wife Season 4 Review “Rape: A Modern Perspective”

A few thoughts about “Rape: A Modern Perspective”:

The case of the week was an eighteen year-old girl who was suing the boy who raped her at a spring break party. The rapist had made a plea deal in criminal court, so Will and Alicia were representing the girl, Rainey, in civil court. The judge had issued a gag order forbidding any party to the case to speak about it outside of the courtroom. Rainey violated the judge’s gag order when she sent a tweet about the case and was thrown in jail for contempt of court. The judge said that if she apologized and promised not to tweet any more during the trial, he would release her from jail. She refused because she couldn’t stomach the idea of apologizing to her rapist.

Meanwhile, a new colleague attempted to help Will and Alicia win their case. Dylan Stack came to the firm in the hopes they would join in a class action suit he was filing against the state. He met with Alicia over lunch, and she agreed to take his proposal back to the other partners. The partners agreed. Shortly thereafter, Dylan showed up in court to watch Will and Alicia work. He immediately realized that they were losing their case, so he enlisted the help of Anonymous to help bring the rapist to justice. They started by sending a text to Zack of the rapist making fun of Rainey’s testimony during her deposition. Then they sent a picture to Grace of the rapist smiling and squatting next to an unconscious Rainey. Needless to say, the judge was furious and refused to admit the evidence in both instances. Alicia confronted Dylan about everything, which he denied. I have a feeling that his whole reason for meeting with Alicia wasn’t even about the firm joining in the class action. He wanted to get close to someone on the case so he could get all that information out there.

On the one hand, I understand why Anonymous does the things they do. The court system isn’t always fair. So often it seems that people who should go to prison walk away, while those who shouldn’t go to prison get sent there for life. It’s even worse in cases of sexual assault where there is victim-blaming, cover-ups, and the rapist basically thumbs his nose at the justice system. It’s wrong and it’s frustrating, and sometimes you just want to punch through all that red tape and make the jerk pay.

But on the other hand, the way that Anonymous was going about seeking justice was all wrong. We as a society have seen what happens when there are no rules of evidence. We’ve seen what happens where there is no rule of law. We’ve seen what happens when the masses act without clear proof of guilt or innocence. It’s not pretty. There is nothing wrong with seeking justice, but true justice can only happen when you work within the broken system to make it better. In this case, the only thing Anonymous really succeeded in doing was ensuring that Rainey did not get justice. Now the judge has declared a mistrial, Rainey has spent time in jail, and her case is still not resolved so she can move forward with her life. I guess because I’m involved in the legal profession that I understand how important it is to abide by the rules of evidence. Yeah, it sucks sometimes when you’re working a sexual assault case and you have the perfect evidence to convict someone but you can’t use it because it was illegally obtained. But those very same rules that are a hindrance today, are your salvation tomorrow.

Carey has finally decided to make his move, and I’m really glad about it. The partners are lazy, selfish, leeches and they have no intention whatsoever of honoring their offer of partnership the 4th years. So, all of the 4th years decided to get together and leave. Alicia happened to see them meeting at a restaurant, and she confronted Carey about leaving. He said they weren’t but Alicia assigned Robyn to investigate Carey’s activities anyway. She found out that he’d purchased malpractice insurance, so Alicia confronted him again and he admitted that he and the others were leaving in a month. He asked Alicia to come with them, but she didn’t seem all that ready to commit. Alicia has a lot of nerve confronting Carey about anything. She gave up that right when she decided to accept the partnership. I really didn’t want Carey to tell her anything about his plans because he should recognize the kind of person Alicia is. Sure, while she’s in the trenches with you she’s leading the battle cry. But as soon as something better comes along, she’ll flip on you faster than you can say traitor. Carey should remember that. She’s not his friend. Not any more. She’s allied with the partners and when push comes to shove, I have a feeling Carey is going to regret being so honest with Alicia.

Diane was confronted with an extremely tough choice too. She is still being vetted for the state supreme court position, and Peter’s flunky was having some problems with Diane’s engagement to Kurt McVeigh. It was a particularly eye-rolling inducing when the flunky said that just the name ‘McVeigh’ was a detriment and she should distance herself from it. But that wasn’t even the worst part. The chief justice of the state supreme court called Diane to the office to tell her to get rid of Will. He called Will a scoundrel and told Diane in so many words that she could kiss the judgeship goodbye if she kept Will. The nerve of some people! Yes, Will may be a soundrel but he’s not the one that’s going to be sitting on the court. Once she accepts the appointment, it’s not like Diane will be spending much time with Will anyway. But even more basic than that, Will is Diane’s friend. He’s been there for her and he’s supported her for a long time. It would really taint my view of Diane if she decided to throw all that away without some serious consideration.

There was kind of an awkward conversation between Alicia and Grace when Alicia walked in during Grace’s prayers. I mean, I understand showing a bonding moment between mother and daughter, but that scene just seemed out of place. Furthermore, it didn’t seem to really serve any purpose. I mean, why was that scene there? How did it move any part of the plot forward? What new information was presented? Maybe it was just me, but it felt clunky and stuffed into the episode almost as an afterthought.

Overall, not a bad episode. The case was interesting and presented some difficult questions without really providing any answers. But life is very rarely black and white, so I don’t really have a problem with an ambiguous conclusion. I’m interested to see how the relationship between Robyn and Kalinda unfolds. It doesn’t look like Kalinda trusts Robyn entirely, but it also seems like Robyn might not be as honest as she appears. I just get the feeling that there’s a whole lot more to her than meets the eye. Just as an aside, I had a hard time not thinking about apple pie every time Jason Biggs walked onto the screen. It’s juvenile. I know. But oh well. So what did y’all think of this week’s The Good Wife?