Supernatural Chat: Should Bobby Come Back Forever?

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Hey there Supernatural fans! I hope you’re making it through another mini hiatus. With no new episode this week, I thought I’d talk about something that occurred to me watching the last episode of the show. In “Taxi Driver” a lot of fans got to see a beloved character return, but it made me wonder: as much as we all love Bobby, do we want him back permanently?

What Bobby Wants

If you’d asked me this question in the midst of losing Bobby – not once, but twice – during season 7, I would have said, “Yes! Absolutely! I want my Bobby back!” And while I still miss Bobby, and I’m sure the boys do as well, does that mean that he should come back? Finding out that Bobby was trapped in Hell was an awful thing, but now that we know that he has been sent to Heaven where he belongs, should he just be allowed to enjoy the pleasant eternity that he’s earned? Bobby made his wishes clear when he told Sam that he was ready to come back if the boys could find a way to break him out of Heaven.

Will Returning Cheapen Bobby’s Death?

So we know what Bobby wants, but maybe we should take a moment to look at this from a story point of view. I know that as soon as people heard Bobby was coming back in “Taxi Driver,” some were saying that having him come back – especially since he’d been basically killed twice – would somehow cheapen his death and make his sacrifices less heroic. Again, if you’d asked me about it in season 7, I would not have agreed with that. After all, both Sam and Dean have died multiple times and yet it’s never felt “cheap” to have them return. What is it about Bobby’s death that makes people want him to stay gone?

Why Some Want Bobby Back

On the other side of those who want Bobby to stay in Heaven, there are those who want him to come back. These are the people who just miss Bobby and his interactions with Sam and Dean. They think that Sam and Dean need have lost too many people and need a father-figure in their lives. They want to see a permanent reunion with the makeshift family and see Bobby fighting alongside his adopted sons again.

It’s a difficult question to answer because both sides have love behind them. Those who love Bobby and see him as a hero who deserves his stay in Heaven for all that he did for this world and for the Winchesters aren’t any less right or wrong than those who love Bobby and just want him to come back.

As for me, as much as I love Bobby I think that perhaps he should stay where he is for all those reasons I gave above – at least for now. Maybe someday one or both of the boys will need to visit Heaven again and they’ll drop by Bobby’s place on their way to Ash’s.

What do you think Supernatural fans? Should Bobby be broken out of Heaven permanently or should he stay where he is and enjoy the life up there that he earned?

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