Broadchurch Series 1 Episode 7 (ITV) Review

We’re nearly there, Broadchurch fans, and the identity of Danny Latimer’s killer is within our collective grasp. What did we learn in this nail-biting penultimate episode? Well, it’s unlikely that Susan Wright has anything to do with the murder, but we can’t rule out Nige quite as readily. You’ll also be glad to learn, if you’re as soppy as me, that Nige didn’t shoot Susan’s dog with his crossbow last week.

Most of this episode, as has been the trend so far, is focused on one character – this time Susan and her connection to Nige. As she’s brought into questioning after the discovery of Danny’s skateboard (it’s still unclear why she gave it to Tom), we learn that her husband had been abusing her eldest daughter and, when he turned his attentions to the younger sibling, murdered her for resisting. Susan had been pregnant at the time, and that baby was taken from her by social services.

That kid – you guessed it – was Nige, and she’s arrived in Broadchurch to try and reconnect with him. Unfortunately, she not only discovered Danny’s body on the beach before anyone else, but she also saw her estranged son dump said body. Is this true, or another way of getting back at him for rejecting her? She’s desperate to have him arrested, if only to prevent him from becoming his father’s son. It’s an unexpected and compelling twist for a pair of characters who’s so far come across cartoonish, but I’m still not convinced Nige was the one behind Danny’s murder.

The main suspect is still Joe Miller, and this has become even more likely since Steve claimed the murderer was someone ‘close to home’. Any one of the Miller family, including best friend/enemy Tom, could be considered close, if we aren’t supposed to suspect Mark, Beth or Chloe Latimer themselves. But then it’s unlikely that Steve is a real-life psychic, and there’s a case building against him, too. Then again, reasons for looking at Steve also apply to Olly and his perky editor, who have been sniffing around the case like excited puppies ever since Danny died.

Someone from the journalism world being the murderer would wrap things up nicely, given how much Broadchurch has focused on evil tabloids and lecherous reporters so far. Right now, if this isn’t the case, then at least the discovery of Joe Miller as the criminal would provide tragic closure to Ellie’s character, who this week proved how much “patience” she has lost since episode one. As I much as I and many other fans are hoping for a second series, it seems unlikely that both Miller and Hardy will emerge from this intense case emotionally and physically intact.

But, for now, I shall stop speculating. In seven days time we will know for sure who was behind this small-town tragedy and I really, really hope that it’s a satisfying outcome. Will Hardy survive until the end of the case? Has Ellie got a considerable shock in store? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below.