“Bad Blood” Meets “New Blood” In ‘Dexter’ and ‘Ray Donovan’ Trailer

Dexter Season 7 Episode 10 The Dark

The (possible) final season of Dexter and the first season of fixer drama Ray Donovan kick off on June 30th, and Showtime has released a new promo previewing both premieres.

The Dexter material is particularly tantalizing since it’s the first glimpse of Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) and Dex (Michael C. Hall) we’ve had since the fateful events of the season seven finale that left LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez) dead. The promo reveals that Debra is having a hard living with taking her boss’s life, while Dex is taking a more stoic approach. “A better person would feel bad about LaGuerta’s death, but the truth is it solved all my problems,” Dexter says.

Meanwhile, the Ray Donovan portion highlights Ray’s (Liev Schreiber) complicated relationship with his recently released from prison father (Jon Voight). Check out the trailer below for a longer look at both series.

Dexter season eight and Ray Donovan premiere Sunday, June 30th beginning at 9PM on Showtime.