The Client List Season 2 Review “Unanswered Prayers”

It was another fun episode this week on “The Client List,” with the show addressing Riley’s former dreams of singing glory in “Unanswered Prayers.” Of course, if you’re a Jennifer Love-Hewitt fan from way back, you’ll recall Hewitt had similar dreams of her own back in the day, actually releasing four albums and a bevy of singles, the biggest hit in the States being How Do I Deal? from the hugely-successful “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer” sequel, the soundtrack of which is actually better than the movie, IMHO.

Though only a moderate success in the US, she actually was, as the cliché goes, “big in Japan,” with one of her albums only getting a release there (1992’s “Love Songs”), and her music even warranting a greatest hits compilation (2006’s “Cool with You: The Platinum Edition”) in Asia on the whole, as well as in Brazil (2007’s “Hey Everybody”). Her biggest hit album in the US was undeniably the provocatively-titled “BareNaked,” the title track of which was a moderate hit as well. That song/album title seems particularly apt, given where her career has taken her as of late.

Anyway, longtime fans got an unexpected treat after last week’s “Bust a Move” tease when JLH busted out several tunes, notably a capable cover of Bonnie Raitt’s classic “Something to Talk About,” though I enjoyed the lovely a cappella song she did at the end of the episode even more. Now don’t get me wrong, her music isn’t the greatest in the world, and is only really recommended to the die-hard fans, but never let it be said she didn’t have a decent voice, among her other more obvious attributes. If she could team up with some quality songwriters (with due respect to Meredith Brooks, who she collaborated with on “BareNaked”), she might just have something.

On the show, Riley teamed up with the Ring Pops, an ad hoc band featuring Lacey’s husband, Dale, on drums. Fans of actor Greg Grunberg also know that he does so in real-life as well, having been a part of the cheekily-titled Band from TV,” which, as you might have guessed from the name, features television actors, including the likes of Hugh Laurie and Teri Hatcher. We also got to see Grunberg take the lead on a raucous take on “Shake Your Tailfeather,” arguably best-known from The Blues Brothers movie, where Ray Charles covered it.

Most of the episode revolved around the band shenanigans, as Lacey feared her hubby was cheating, when all he wanted to do was rock out a bit with the boys…and okay, one hot girl, by the unlikely name of Honey (Skyler Day, of “Parenthood” and “Army Wives” fame), which led to some fairly amusing double-meanings, as her name led to some further confusion. I must say, I enjoyed all of this. I get that the show is inherently dramatic at heart most of the time, given the subject matter, but I really enjoy it when it adopts the lighter tone of the original TV-movie more.

To that end, we saw some movement on the Kyle front, as he edged a bit closer to getting out of jail, while not exactly doing favors for himself by getting into it with a fellow inmate for making leering comments about his wife. There were also some unfortunate developments with Linette as well, as she’s been hitting the bottle on top of her pain meds, which ultimately led to Riley missing out on what could have been a big break at Georgia’s club. To say nothing of her reading “50 Shades of Grey” knock-offs and being grumpy about her birthday. (Oh, behave!)

There was also a lot of forward momentum on the Derek front, with Selena on one end scheduling massages to see what all the fuss was about, and Lisa leaving her husband and hoping to score a bit more down time outside of the parlor with her favorite masseuse. Evan also finally bit the bullet and took out his fellow police recruit Shelby, in lieu of the implosion of his and Riley’s relationship last week. We’ll see how all this pans out on down the line, but I fear for poor Lisa, whom I’m guessing will not have all her dreams come true, wet or otherwise, especially if Selena has anything to do with it. Poor thing.

So, a pretty solid episode, all in all. Yes, not a lot happened to move the plot forward much, but to me it was offset by the great JLH moments, which in addition to the singing, included some sexy outfits, as per usual, including a French Maid get-up and a Hawaiian-style outfit, which inspired the inevitable “Wanna get lei’d?” joke, which I laughed at almost in spite of myself. I also liked the exchange between Riley and Selena, in which the former told the latter she should be wearing a bell when she caught Riley flirting with Derek, and she said: “If I did, at least it’d get rung once in a while.” Riley fired back, without missing a beat: “Oh, don’t sell yourself short- that thing would be ringing all day.” Meow, ladies!

What did you think of “The Client List” this week? Enjoy the Ring Pops or wish it would stop? Think anything will come of the band in the future now that Riley blew off the “Wolf”? Think Derek and Selena should become, ahem, “fun buddies”? Or should he stick with Lisa? How about Kyle and Shelby?

Let me know what you thought in the comments!