The Amazing Race Season 22 Review “My Cheese is Out of Control”

In the eighth leg of The Amazing Race, the teams left Africa behind and headed to the snowy peaks of Switzerland. The teams made their way by train to the base of the Eiger. The teams have been to some beautiful places, but for some reason Switzerland looked particularly amazing. The chalets and snow laden trees made me want to get online and look for plane tickets – on Travelocity of course.

Most of the episode involved the teams on trains. The number of train changes ensured that at least some of the teams would fall behind. The hockey guys took advantage of their time on the rails to continue their flirtations with the country girls. If I had to guess, I don’t think they’re going to get much for their efforts. It’s evident that they are all friends at this point, but I’m wondering if the country girls have an ulterior motive. The hockey guys frequently help them out, as they did in getting the girls’ incredibly sweet dog onto the train, and that may be a sufficient flirtation motivation.

Winona struggled from the get-go because of her inability to physically keep up with the other teams. At this point, the teams have been racing for a couple of weeks, and it looked like it was getting to her. This struggle was most evident when she tried to run from train to train. When the teams reached their second challenge – to shimmy across a ledge on the side of the mountain – Winona tried to rally. She took on the challenge, despite the frightening height. Unfortunately, she still struggled and held up Joey and Meghan in the process. It would be easier to feel some sympathy for her if she didn’t whine so much. Chuck was understandably frustrated, since Winona’s most frequently uttered phrase was, “I can’t.” I haven’t been in the race, obviously, but feel comfortable in judging from my couch that an “I can’t” attitude will never lead to first place.

When the teams reached the next challenge, a reboot from a previous episode, Joey and Meghan and Winona and Chuck were still at the back of the pack. When I saw the difficulty the other teams suffered in getting up the hill, I just crossed my fingers that Joey and Meghan made it onto the guide rope before Chuck and Winona. If Winona went out in front, she would log jam the line.

I still don’t understand The Amazing Race contestants who take shortcuts during challenges. Maybe their brains are too tired and not functioning properly. I can’t explain why Winona thought it was a good idea to roll the cheese down the hill without the sled. Has she not been paying attention at all? You can’t take shortcuts when a clue tells you a specific way of doing a task. This mistake is what cost them the race.

During the entire episode, I kept thinking that there was another team that was behind. This wasn’t the case; we’ve just gotten to the point where there are only a handful of teams remaining. It was a surprise that Chuck and Winona were not the last team to arrive, but that could in part be attributable to them taking the easy way out on the last task. Ultimately, the half hour penalty they incurred caused them to pack their bags and head home. Joey and Meghan seemed to realize how much they’d lucked out.

On a different note, did anyone else find the roaming gnome challenge unsettling? I like gnomes and all, but this was mega commercialization of the race. I guess, though, it’s no different than the frequent showcasing of certain brands of cars. It just seemed a bit much to have the clues taped to the bottom of the gnome. There’s a way to take product placement too far.

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