Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 Review “Olelo Pa’a” – Steve Keeps His Promise

Hawaii Five-0 - Olelo Pa'a (The Promise)

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called “Olelo Pa’a” (Hawaiian for “The Promise”), Steven and Catherine go on a dangerous mission to get back the body of Steve’s fallen comrade.

This episode did a great job at giving us a little bit of backstory into what happened in the days before we saw Steve in the pilot. When I heard that we were going to get a “prequel” of sorts, I thought that the whole episode might be in the previous time so I have to admit to being a tad disappointed that the past only accounted for about half of the episode. Also – and this is purely the selfish Danny-fan and bromance-lover in me – but I couldn’t help but to wish a couple of times that it was Danny who went on the mission with Steve instead of Steve. But in the end, I do see why it needed to be her and besides, I love Catherine so it’s all good.

I did like the way they were able to smoothly transition back and forth from one time to another. The way we would see the action with Steve and Freddy in the past, only to come back to the present with Steve telling Catherine the story was great. I felt like we saw just enough of Freddy to actually care about him the mission, but the past was nicely mixed with the action in the present. Steve and Catherine make a pretty formidable team and it was definitely nice to see Steve get the people who not only killed, but desecrated his friend.

Then there was the funeral, which totally broke my heart. You’d think that finding out a character was dead from the first moment would make it hurt less when they bury him, but it didn’t. By the time Steve put Freddy’s dog tags around his little girl’s neck I was a goner. I blame the music. It was beautiful and absolutely perfect for the scene.

My favorite bits..

“Who is he to you? – Something tells me that’s going to be one loaded question.

Seeing Steve as a “tadpole.”

Joe offering his soldiers the chance to quit.

Seeing Joe as a drill sergeant. That is so a role he was meant to play.

Steve encouraging Hart to move on.

Steve tackling Hart to stop him from ringing the bell.

“What are you doing?” “I’m saving you from yourself.”

Steve telling Joe that Hart was just polishing the bell.

Steve’s speech about what he and Hart’s dad had talked about the previous Thanksgiving, and then transitioning to Steve telling the story to Catherine. The music during that scene was amazing.

Danny asking how his “boy” was. Aww.

“This isn’t Freddy.”

“Hey, who packed this shoot for you? It’s not going to open.” “It’s only six miles down. I’ll grab your legs.”

Freddy announcing out of the blue that he not only got married, but that he and his wife were going to have a baby girl.

Catherine telling Steve that she wasn’t very good at taking “no” for an answer.

Not being able to help but to spot Joe’s riding errors. I can’t help it, it’s the former riding instructor in me.

“How do I find him?” “Look for the bar that’s open the longest.”

“Hate to be the adult here, but remember what happened the last time you went to Korea?” – Ha!

Frank giving Catherine and Steve way too much information about what he was drinking and why.

The sight of poor Frank’s helicopter.

The guy diving out of the car. Whoa!

Steve and Catherine holding the guy down while one of his friends came snooping around. Talk about intense.

Finding it pretty miraculous that someone could find a body he’d buried three years before.

Steve breaking down when he saw what had been done to Freddy.

Steve threatening to do what had been done to his friend if he didn’t get his question answered. I completely believed him, too.

“I wouldn’t move if I were you.”

Steve and Catherine finding themselves trapped.

Steve and Catherine using the grenade exploding as a distraction.

Steve taking out the man who desecrated his friend.

“Don’t let this be for nothing.”

Freddy asking Steve to tell his little girl that her daddy loved her.

Steve trying so hard to go back and only leaving when he knew that Freddy was gone.

OMG! How did I forget that Norman Reedus was in the pilot?? *facepalm*

Finding out that the man Steve was with in the pilot, was the same one that he captured in North Korea. Whoa.

Steve describing to Catherine how his father sounded that day on the phone.

Breaking down in tears when Freddy’s body came off the plane and everyone on the tarmac stopped what they were doing.

More gorgeous music during that final scene.

Steve giving Freddy’s dog tags to his little girl and telling her that he would always be with her.

Steve looking up to find his team standing there.

What did you think of this episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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