Bones Season 8 Review “The Party in the Pants” – Booth’s Mom Brings Happiness and Pain

Bones Season 8 Episode 22 The Party in the Pants

In this episode of Bones, called “The Party in the Pants,” the team at the Jeffersonian looks for the killer of a male stripper, while Booth deals with the return of his mother.

So we’ve all known (well, at least those of us who keep track of all Bones-related news) that Booth’s mother was coming back, but what we didn’t know was exactly where their relationship would end up by the end of the episode. Knowing that she left Booth and his brother with an abusive father to then be raised by their grandfather, chances were that this wasn’t going to be a happy reunion. But leave it to this show to put just enough spin on the story to make it interesting.

First, when Marianne came back into Booth’s life, everything seemed perfect and wonderful, but I knew that it wasn’t going to last. It just seemed strange that Booth would welcome her back without any second thoughts. No matter how much he loved his mom, surely what she did would give him pause. Well, that pause came when she announced her marriage – and subsequent parenting of her fiancé’s adult children.

I couldn’t blame Booth at all for his reaction to the news that his mother had stayed away for so long, but had been basically a mother to other people. I was glad that they ultimately repaired their relationship, but as a fan it would’ve felt strange if they hadn’t had at least one hiccup. The way they played the story felt very true to me, especially as a person who’s had her fair share of interesting family dilemmas. Booth got angry as he had every right to be, but he also got past that and allowed his mom back into his – and his family’s – life. It was beautiful.

My favorite bits..

Finding it kind of poetic that the kid dropped the body on his aunt.

The look on Booth’s face when he realized his mom was sitting in his office.

“You always looked on the bright side.”

“I don’t hate you, Mom. I missed you.”

Booth hugging his mom.

“I’m a grandmother? I’m too young to be a grandmother.”

“Okay, what rock did this guy crawl out from under?”
“That would be a lot funnier if this wasn’t an actual human being.”

Hodgins pulling back their victims pants and revealing a thong. Was it just me or did that seem kind of naughty, even though there was barely a body there?

“Either rats ate away the rest of his underwear or I’d say our victim was a stripper.”

“Bones, let’s not tell my mom about this one.”

Finding out that Brennan did a study on stripping. Now, why does that not surprise me at all?

“When did empowerment become stuffing dollar bills down a man’s pants?”
“The 1970’s. I already said that. You should pay closer attention.”

“Are you here to tell me about the case, or are you just here to annoy me?”

Sweets trying to make up something to tell Booth, after claiming he was there to talk to him about the case when he was really there to talk about Booth’s mom.

Hodgins starting an impromptu striptease and Cam walking out the moment that she spotted it. Anyone else sorry we didn’t get to see more?

Booth dancing with his mom. Beyond adorable.

Finding out that Booth’s mom used to call him “noodle.” Aw.

Brennan managing to bring things down when she spotted Marianne’s old injury from Booth’s father.

Everybody singing the “Monkey Song” for Christina.

Brennan pointing out to Wendell that he could make a lot of money as a stripper.

“Are you trying to get me to strip, Dr. B.?”

“I can’t imagine that he started stripping as a kid.”
“Not professionally.”

“It’s voicemail. Doesn’t everybody just use 1-2-3-4?”
“Well, I do, but now I’m going to have to change it.”

“Well, get this, it’s been 24 years; feel guilty.” – The way his voice broke when he said that was so brutal.

Cam pointing out that for economical reasons, ladies should only bring single bills when ovulating. Good to know.

Brennan asking Booth if he ever stripped, and telling him that she did once.

Booth getting in trouble for his “Cocky” belt buckle. Haha!

The ladies managing to take off Booth’s pants before he could stop them. Wow, they were fast.

Hodgins and Wendell reenacting the victim’s murder.

Booth’s mom admitting that the reason she hadn’t come back because she couldn’t face all the things she’d done to him.

“But I can’t turn back the clock and apparently neither can you.”

Booth admitting to Brennan that he let his mother go without saying anything and that made him feel like his father.

Brennan pointing out that Booth tried to stop all the awful things he saw every day.

Brennan pointing out why the “myth” had endured was due to the promise of forgiveness.

Booth actually admitting to Sweets that he wasn’t doing too good.

Booth realizing that Christine was playing with one of his old toys.

Booth and Brennan showing up at his mother’s wedding.

The entire wedding/reception sequence. Beautifully done.

Brennan catching the bouquet and the look she and Booth shared when she did.

What did you think of this episode of Bones? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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