Bob’s Burgers Season 3 Review “Family Fracas”

Because things are never really on the upswing for the Belcher family, their car went kaput on this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers. Normally this kind of predicament would cause Bob and his family to deal with the transportation issue in a somewhat exaggerated, but still realistic manner, but this time a series of unusual circumstances led to the Belcher family finding themselves on television again in “Family Fracas.”

Although the Belchers didn’t intend to land on TV again, a vacant game show opportunity and a chance to win a brand new minivan meant that Bob was willing to take his chances with even more public humiliation. Their old TV host pal, Chuck, was much less excited about having the Belchers in a position to ruin his career again, and it was no secret that he thought the Belchers were the most annoying family he had ever encountered.

Tina’s competitive side came out in a way that we hadn’t really seen before and I really enjoyed her version of “trash talking” throughout her time on the game show. It may have caused some tension between her and every boy she encountered/ fell in love with, but those broken boy hearts were worth it for some of Tina’s best smack lines.

The Belchers are normally so down on their luck that it was unusual to see them kicking so much butt in the game show competition. Unfortunately, the Belcher’s winning streak was negated by Louise’s terrible luck with the prize wheel which always led to her winning the Family Fracas Foam. Just as the Belchers were getting really comfortable with their lucky run, the Pesto boys had to step in and put a kink in their lucky streak.

When Chuck realized he had an ally in Jimmy Pesto, it was no real surprise that they would team up to take down the Belchers. Although the gag had been set up in the background of most of the episode, I wasn’t really expecting the Belchers to take Jimmy and Chuck to court in “Pam’s Court.” To be honest, I’m glad that’s where this story ended up because the bitter bickering between Chuck and Pam was the source of some of the most ridiculous and hilarious lines of the entire episode.

While the majority of this week’s Bob’s Burgers setup wasn’t entirely realistic, the end result was a real-world payoff where the “bad guy” still managed to come out on top (although Pesto did get a little karmic payback when he was eventually emasculated in front of his kids for not being able to change a tire.) From the very beginning, there was no way that Bob and the family were going to get something for nothing – the world just doesn’t work that way for them – but it was still fun watching them jump through ridiculous hoops just to give it a shot.