Touch Season 2 Review “Two of a Kind”

This episode of Touch picked up pretty much right where the last one left off. Trevor told Martin that the police had found Lucy’s body in her car at the bottom of a ravine. Martin was pretty shaken by the news, followed by an avalanche of guilt. I felt kind of bad for him because it really isn’t his fault. He did what he thought was the best thing at the time. There’s no way he could’ve known that Aster Corp. would find them so quickly. I kind of got the feeling that it wasn’t so much Lucy’s death that hit Martin so hard. It’s the fact that he made the decision that ultimately led her down the path to her death. I still say it wasn’t his fault, but he’s going to blame himself anyway. Meanwhile, Amelia told Jake that Guillermo was coming for him. Judging by the way that Jake was sweating, he already knew about Guillermo. Amelia said they would have to meet up later and she took off on her own. However, the most interesting thing to come out of all of that was that Jake uttered his first words: find him. Martin immediately knew Jake was talking about Guillermo, so he took off to Breakwire to try to find and stop Guillermo. Trevor volunteered to help Martin out in a more hands-on manner this time, so off the two of them went.

While Martin and Trevor were chasing down Guillermo, Martin left Jake with Avram. Jake kept looking at various maps, when he suddenly bolted out the front door. Avram followed, and they met up with Amelia on a bus headed toward LAX. The three of them set off to find a shipment coming in from London and the doctor who was coming with it. They located the cargo at the airport, and while Avram was trying to update Martin, Jake and Amelia snuck into the van that was taking the cargo to a nearby university. They arrived at the university, opened the crate, and discovered an ancient tablet with some hieroglyphics on it. Jake began translating the hieroglyphs into numbers, when all of a sudden he froze. Guillermo, who was stalking the doctor, had found his way to the university.

Guillermo grabbed the doctor, but Jake got into his head again and the doctor used that opportunity to break free. As she was running away she ran into Martin, who was wandering around the building looking for Jake, and told him that a man tried to kill her. Guillermo attacked Martin, they fought, and Martin pretty much beat the hell out of Guillermo with a candlestick. Guillermo decided to take the coward’s way out and slit his own throat before the cops could arrest him though. A detective interviewed Martin and he told the detective that his kids had wandered off and he was in the building looking for them when the doctor ran up and said someone was trying to kill her. Martin called the police, the man attacked him, they fought, and then the man slit his own throat. The cop’s response was that it was all a bit wild for him to believe. I don’t understand that reaction. I would assume that Martin’s story and the doctor’s story are pretty much the same since that’s pretty much what happened. Why was the cop so suspicious? Is he one of Aster Corp’s people? Why does he feel the need to “speak to” Martin again about what happened? Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it just seemed kind of weird that the cop was so suspicious.

Adios, Guillermo. And good riddance! Guillermo definitely went off the rails and there was really no way to redeem him. Not only was he continuing on his self-professed holy mission to kill all The 36, he graduated to killing random people for no reason at all. Guillermo paid some poor loser to hunt down Martin and Jake’s address, then after the man delivered the address, Guillermo slit his throat. Guillermo wanted some poor fellow’s car at the airport, so he just stabbed him in the gut and took it. I wonder how he justified those murders to himself. Were they acceptable losses? If so, how? But I suppose that’s not a question we’ll get an answer to now that Guillermo has deprived us of his presence. Now there’s a whole new question to be concerned about. Before he died, Guillermo said he was sorry for being unable to find “the nest of 7.” After everything had calmed down, Martin asked Avram what that meant and Avram feigned ignorance. However, it’s pretty obvious from the look on Avram’s face that he knows more about that than he’s telling Martin.

Calvin Norberg got an offer that he couldn’t refuse. The new CEO of Aster Corp., Nicole Farington, called Calvin to her office for a meeting. She offered condolences to him due to the loss of his mother, and said she believed his ex-friend Tony Rigby was responsible for Frances’s death. Farington claimed that Tony had gone off the reservation and was hiding out somewhere. She wanted Calvin’s help in making Tony answer for his misdeeds. Calvin didn’t know anything, but Farinton sought to woo him back to Aster Corp. anyway. She showed him their sleep study facility which was actually a cover for them to map the brains of The 36. Calvin was in awe of the technology and readily agreed to come back into the Aster Corp. fold. I don’t get why Calvin would agree to go back there. He has to know that they are the ones responsible for killing his mother. There’s no way Tony would’ve taken that upon himself without direct orders from his boss. I just don’t see how Calvin would be so willing to go back and work for them. I know he’s still trying to help his brother, but he also knows that Aster Corp. is the devil. I also have to wonder whether Calvin knows that Farinton isn’t telling him the whole truth too. She kind of casually asked him if he knew anything about where they were, but it was pretty obvious that was her true reason for wanting to meet with Calvin. She wants Amelia and Jake, and she believes that Calvin is the best way to get them. I must admit that I was kind of surprised that Calvin didn’t give up what he knew about Martin and Jake’s whereabouts. Perhaps he’s on to Farington’s game, but I doubt it. Maybe Calvin just had a brief moment of conscience and decided that he owed Martin, Jake, and Amelia for all of the pain he’s caused them. Whatever Calvin’s reasons for protecting them, it was the right thing to do.

All in all, not a bad episode. Amelia has found a new family in Martin and Jake. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that Amelia and Jake are together. They were pretty powerful individually, but who knows what they can do now. I’m also interested to see how this ancient tablet fits into the puzzle and whether the doctor will help Martin. Let’s just hope that Aster Corp. doesn’t get their clutches into her. So what did y’all think of this episode of Touch?