Actress Jennifer Ferrin Cast As Regular on ‘Hell on Wheels’

ROYAL PAINS "Rash Talk" Season 3 Episode 3 (1)

TV viewers may know actress Jennifer Ferrin best for her current role on the FOX thriller ‘The Following’, but later this year they will see her as a series regular on the AMC western Hell on Wheels.

She will play Louise Ellison, a “smart, witty and flirtatious journalist”, who is “hired by the New York Sun to cover the story of the century – the building of the Transcontinental Railroad”. She “imbues her work with an element of human emotion as well as thorough, blunt, truthful fact-finding”. She is being described as “strong and independent”, demanding to be “treated with the same respect that any man in her position would be given”. (Sounds like a woman ahead of her time for this period piece.)

Among Ferrin’s other credits are the short-lived TV shows ‘The Cape’ (which was helmed by John Wirth, who is the recently named showrunner for season three of ‘Hellon Wheels’) and ‘Life on Mars’ as well as a stint on the daytime soap opera ‘As the World Turns’. She has also recently appeared in episodes of ‘Royal Pains’ and ‘Deception’.

The third season of ‘Hell on Wheels’ will return to AMC for a 10-episode run sometime this summer.

[Source: TV Line]