Happy Endings Season 3 Review “She Got Game Night” & “The Storm Before the Calm”

Welcome to the most downbeat double-bill of Happy Endings we’re ever likely to see! This week’s offerings, ‘She Got Game Night’ and ‘The Storm Before the Calm’, are all about Penny and Pete and whether, after four short months, they know for sure they’re right for each other.

Season two might have been ‘The Year of Penny’, but things aren’t going too well for her this third time around. After bumping into an old friend, Penny becomes paranoid that she and Pete might not know each other well enough, and Jane suggests a couple’s game night. Brad and Jane’s war-chant was my highlight of the night. Penny and Pete win the evening hands down, but Penny realizes she might actually be getting wed for the party, and not the 50-years of marriage that would follow.

I’ve been waiting for something to go wrong with this couple since they got engaged, but expected the romance to last at least until the ceremony. I suppose they didn’t want a repeat of Alex and Dave’s series opener nuptials, but now we get no wedding at all. Does this leave the door open for a long-awaited Dave/Penny romance? Or do we like seeing him and Alex rekindle their admittedly cute love affair? I’d be happy either way, to be honest, but Penny is most viewers’ favorite character and I want her to be happy.

The second episode dealt with the aftermath of P & P’s breakup, with Penny choosing to go back to her ‘theater roots’ instead of cocooning herself in misery. But, as it turns out, the play she wrote – Black Plague: A Love Story – is all about how terrible she feels for breaking Pete’s heart. It takes an on-stage intervention from Dave and Brad to bring her back to the Penny we know, but it’s still a little dark by sitcom standards. The sub-plot at least provides some levity, with Alex and Brad becoming taste-makers and getting scammed in the process.

What did you think of the episodes? Are you pleased to see the back of Pete or would you have liked to have seen them reach the alter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.