The Office Season 9 Review “Stairmageddon”

The Office Season 9 Episode 19 Stairmageddon (4)

Ugh. Not the greatest episode of “The Office” this week, which is a bit disheartening, given that we only have a few left to go. Some good moments here and there, I suppose, but way too much time spent of the titular “Stairmaggedon.” If it hadn’t been for the bit with the bubble-wrapped Stanley drifting down the stairs, it would have all been a bit useless and even that wasn’t that funny.

Also, I noticed another thing. Okay, so the fact that a group of documentarians spent some ten years following a group of paper company workers around is hard enough to swallow, but, for the sake of argument, let’s say we buy that aspect of the plot. Well, at this point, the doc is finished and about to be released. So, who the hell is still following everyone around? The show is still being shot the way it always was!

For some reason that irked me more now than it did upon the revelation that the crew was done with their insanely epic documentary about a topic I can’t imagine much anyone wanting to watch a documentary about in the first place, even in these reality-TV driven times. I mean, I get that they wouldn’t want to change the style of the show this late in the game, but it still bothered me, especially in the scenes where it looked like someone was eavesdropping on certain people. What, are they doing a part 2? What are these guys, stalkers?

Okay, rant over. There were definitely some good lines scattered throughout. Here are a few of my faves…

The description of Andy a reviewer gave: “Andy Bernard, the rudderless trust fund child/mid-level manager, whose incompetence is emblematic of a declining American economy. A possible explanation for his lack of career focus is his surprising musical talent.”

Andy, describing said talent: “I wanted to be my generation’s Lisa Loeb.”

Erin, taking a stab at who might be gay: “I’ll bet its Katie Couric. I’ve been saying it for years!”

Toby, upon discovering Jim & Pam may be on the rocks: “Kelly called it. 2013.”

Clark, upon seeing Dwight with a dart gun: “Can you just let me out of here before whatever comes next?”

The entire press conference with the Senator, especially the bits the reporters were shouting: “Senator, were you always gay, or did your wife turn you gay?” and “Question for the Senator’s beard!” Also, loved the looks on Angela’s face, especially when the Senator said: “I once believed that a gay person could be somewhat straight. It wasn’t until my marriage to Angela that I realized how charmless I find the female body.” Bonus points for the “Falstaffian” Kevin’s gleeful dance of victory that he managed to keep a secret. (See above picture.) This sequence was easily the best part of the show.

A wry Clark, upon taking in Dwight’s plan to transport Stanley in bubble-wrap: “That’s actually really smart. God, if there were any other use of situation for that kind of knowledge.”

A guy in the waiting room of the agent Andy went to visit, who had an act involving a mouse riding a cat on top of a dog, after he asked if the mouse had a name: “Eh, you know, it really doesn’t make sense to name the mice. They’re kind of like cannon fodder, you know? (He hesitates.) You’re not one of those PETA guys, are you?”

Carla, Andy’s would-be agent: “Can you drive a car?”
Andy: “At the risk of sounding arrogant, I did drive myself here.”
Carla: “Can you juggle and crap?”
Andy: “Yes. And yes.”

Carla was played by Roseanne Barr, in a somewhat thankless, if mercifully brief role. It’s not that she was bad, just underutilized. I mean, why hire Roseanne, if she’s only going to be in the show a few minutes? That lady that Stanley and Dwight talked to was in it longer, and I’ve never seen that actress before in my life, you know? Maybe Roseanne had better things to do that day.

So, not the greatest episode in the world, but what are you going to do? Hopefully, they can at least end on a high note. Only three more episodes to go…

What did you think of “The Office” this week? Did the ongoing documentary footage irk you, too? Did you get a bigger kick out of the stuff with Clark, Dwight and Stanley than I did? How about the stuff with Roseanne? Will you be sad to see the show go or think it’s none too soon? Let me know in the comments!