Nikita Season 3 Review “Masks”

Nikita has always been a shown plagued by the question, who can you trust? Well, as the latest episode, ‘Masks’, attests – absolutely no one. Division was hit by Amanda’s manipulated mini-army all at once, with both Alex and Owen (aka Sam) infiltrating the organization right at its heart. Now, Nikita, Sean, Birkoff and Michael have lost control, and it looks as if even Alex might not have the level of authority she originally planned for.

As she gleefully tells Nikita, Amanda easily manipulated the situation because she knows exactly what buttons to push within each of her former allies. With the exception of Alex, she molded the Division recruits into ‘what they were meant to become’, and can reverse any of that influence as and when she pleases. She understands Alex because she had been rebuilt by Nikita who in turn had been rebuilt by Amanda. These ladies are really, really close in an entirely twisted way, and know just where and when to hurt each other.

But, even if she’s willing to do almost anything to save her fellow recruits from the clutches of Division, it’s clear that Alex is the same person at heart. She doesn’t want to hurt her friends, to the extent where she covers for Sean when he discovers her plan to stage an escape and, when Rachel gets ruthless at the end of the episode, she’s completely against it. Just when we thought she’d turned on everyone she cared about, we realize that she could just as easily jump to protect Michael and co. – though shooting Ryan is a serious grey area that I hope she doesn’t get away with.

And Owen won’t be any help, as his alter ego turns out to be a criminal prone to a little betrayal and mass murder. This is a character only out for himself and the kind of guy who’ll sneak out of danger just as easily as Alex gets herself into it. This could prove fatal to Division’s efforts to fight back, but I can also see him rejoin the gang if and when it because the only option available to him. This at least means that Owen/Sam has a little depth to him, and I hope he eventually finds a way to integrate his two personalities and come out on the noble and heroic side.

I’m liking the way Nikita is going, if only for the implication that Amanda will meet a long-awaited and sticky end come season finale time. It’s nice to have a new character to watch in Sam, and Amanda’s efforts to heighten Alex’s survivors guilt brings her traumatic past to the forefront once again. What did you think of the episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.