Nashville Season 1 Review “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts”; “I Saw the Light” – Back on the Road

Much like Rayna and Juliette’s tour, Nashville has been a whirlwind the past couple of weeks with “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts” and “I Saw the Light.” Since I was out of town when they aired, I’ve only just gotten to watch them, but I was happily surprised at much I enjoyed them, especially back to back.

First of all, Juliette, although making positive steps with her mother, is still a little brat, stamping her feet and pouting about the way her multi-billion dollar record company is promoting her new album. She decided to take matters into her own hands and invite her entire fanbase via Twitter to an intimate show, thus creating a stampede that injured several fans, including Rayna’s daughter, Maddie.

Maddie was being a brat, too, in regards to her parents’ divorce, but she got over it in the hospital. Rayna, rightfully, took her anger about Maddie’s injury out on Juliette, accusing her of being a reckless little girl. That’s Juliette in a nutshell. In the second episode, she got a bee in her bonnet about Rayna having a billboard in Times Square, and she set about, with her mother’s sponsor Dante’s help, to get one. Whatever Lola wants…and what she ended up wanting was Dante. They fell into bed to no one’s surprise.

Meanwhile, speaking of brats, Gunnar woke up in Scarlett’s bed and decided, because of his dead brother, to treat her like crap, even going so far as to no-show to their interview with Rayna. Scarlett ended up having to play alone, which earned her a record deal sans Gunnar. She didn’t have the guts to tell him, not even when Deacon knocked some sense into him. When he finally did find out thanks to some mixed up mail delivered by their new housemate, Will (Chris Carmack…anyone else keep wanting him to say “Welcome to Nashville, bitch!”?), he went a little off the deep end until he realized he was doing to Scarlett exactly what Avery had done.

Avery also had a meltdown when his big producer tried to dub-step his music. Instead of trying to talk it through, he burned the master copies of his songs and quit in a rage, despite the assurance that he would be dead in the music industry. True to the producer’s word, he couldn’t get a job, and ended up accepting a position as a roadie on…surprise, surprise…Rayna and Juliette’s tour.

On the other side of town, Deacon found a new girlfriend when he started dating his dog’s veterinarian, who happens to hate country music. She seems nice enough, but it’s painfully obvious to everyone, even her, that Deacon still has feelings for Rayna. Still, he took his new girl out on the road with him, maybe as a way of keeping his distance from what he really wants.

While on tour with Rayna, both of her daughters expressed a desire for fame, and then proved they have the talent to back it up when they performed at sound check. We know where Maddie’s talent comes from; having Rayna and Deacon for biological parents sure helps a kid with dreams.

And then there’s Teddy, being an absolute jerk by having his girlfriend stay in Rayna’s house after she expressly asked him not to have her over. Still, she might not have to worry about Teddy’s fling for long as it turns out she was the one who leaked the divorce to the press. Rayna’s father found out and decided to use that knowledge to get her to convince Teddy to build the stadium on his land, but before he could reach that goal, all of his evil machinations stopped his heart.

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