Nashville Season 1 Review “My Heart Would Know” – Dante’s Inferno

Juliette adopted the ‘show must go on’ as a motto after Rayna’s father’s heart attack forced her to return home before a big concert in “My Heart Would Know,” this week’s episode of Nashville, proving that Juliette is absolutely stunted when it comes to family and basic human decency.

How else to explain her decision to sleep with her mother’s sponsor and nearly drive her back to the bottle? She even decided to hire Dante as her new manager, but he’s already made an enemy out of Deacon after he fired Avery for accidentally walking in on him and Juliette having sex backstage. Juliette can’t seem to make a good choice to save her life. It’s only a matter of time before her actions result in her mother falling off the wagon, and while that won’t totally be her fault, she’s not doing much to stop it. It’s almost like she wants it to happen so she has an excuse to hate her mother again.

Speaking of hating one’s parents, Rayna rushed to her father’s side, despite the bad history between them, but things got complicated when Watty showed up and Lamar, despite his heart attack, freaked out. As Rayna learned, her mother’s indiscretion had been with Watty (could the result have been Rayna?) and before she died, she was going to leave Lamar for Watty. It’s not really a mystery why Lamar hated country music so much now, but will a near death experience allow him to get closer to his daughter and forgive his dead wife?

It looks like Deacon made up his mind between new girlfriend, Stacy, and Rayna, but we all know he’ll never really give Rayna up. She is the love of his life and it’s the poor vet lady who is going to get her heart broken when everything comes to a head.

With Gunnar’s encouragement, Scarlett signed her contract and officially became Rayna’s label’s first artist. Gunnar, on the other hand, couldn’t get his music mojo back in the wake of his brother’s death, until new friend Will enticed him into acts of sheer stupidity and near fatality. Edging so close to death inspired Gunnar to pick up his guitar, but I hope he and Scarlett will find their way back to each other professionally. They just sound so perfect together, much better than her and Will.

It might be over for Teddy and his girl-toy, Peggy, as Tandy found out about her leaking Rayna’s divorce to the press after she temporarily stepped into her father’s business shoes. Instead of blackmailing Peggy, she went straight to Teddy and told him about his girlfriend. I like Rayna’s sister more and more each week. She got her father’s business savvy, but held on to her heart.

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