American Idol Season 12 Review “Results Show”

Thank goodness for small favors! After some dubious voting over the last few weeks, America finally got it right on “American Idol,” when Lazaro was given his walking papers, once and for all. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was still upset by the fact that Amber came so close to getting the boot, too, but I’ll take it.

Lazaro undeniably is a sweetheart of a guy, no doubt about that, and he has my utmost sympathies for his struggles with his speech impediment; but this is a singing competition, and let’s face it, he dropped the ball one too many times, and you only get so many chances on a show like this to get it right. Something had to give eventually. The forgotten lyrics were bad enough, but when you don’t recognize a painfully obvious key change? Um, no. Hopefully, he’ll get some vocal lessons in the meantime before the top contestants go on tour, and he’ll rebound just fine. I’ll be pulling for him, but for now…really glad it was him going home and not Amber.

Speaking of Amber, I’m in complete agreement with what Jimmy said about her. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing about her. I like her style, her song choices, her vocal ability, and her personality as evidenced in the various profiles about her over the season. While I’ll allow that maybe she won’t win in the end, she certainly deserves to be there, and I do think she belongs in the top four, if not the top three. I think she’s definitely better than Janelle, and on a par with Kree. Only Angie and Candice wow me more, and even they have had their occasional missteps.

Speaking of Jimmy, I found myself agreeing with most of what he said this week as well. In addition to his comments about Amber, I fully agree that Kree should show more personality, that Janelle is always better when she makes things her own instead of doing things straight-forward, and that Candice’s instincts are right on the money the majority of the time- especially last night.

However, we still remain at odds over Angie- I thought her second performance in particular was brilliant, and one of her best. Yes, her first song was a bit disconnected, if competent, but I blame that more on the source material than her. They can’t keep giving these kids such old-fashioned material and expect them to make a connection to it. Better to concentrate on newer material. After all, isn’t the point to prepare them for today’s musical scene- not the musical scene of the 60’s or whatever?

Sure, it’s important to know your history, but that’s almost all they’ve done this season, for the most part. Note how much better everyone does when you give them something in their wheelhouse, or at the very least, something they can find a way into that suits their style, a la Candice and the Cure song she did.

In terms of the rest of the show, we had Scotty McCreery back doing what he does best- not my cup of tea personally, but he does it well. Better yet, we had the original “Idol” herself, and still one of the best things to come out of the show, Kelly Clarkson. Loved her stage show, with all the neon and black light effects- pretty cool stuff! Great song, too. Can’t believe all those stats at the top, either. Wow! Talk about having the goods.

And holy crap, a Dunkleman shout-out! Did you notice how cagey and uncomfortable he looked in those clips, like he couldn’t wait to be out the door? I guess he got his wish there! By contrast, Ryan looked right at home, though it was a bit jarring to see how young he looked back then. I love it when they show the old footage. I think this might be the rare show of this type that I could go back and watch and still enjoy, at least certain seasons of it.

All in all, a solid show, and I’m very happy with the results at hand. Now we’re finally getting somewhere. Love that the top five is all girls, and such a talented bunch, to boot! These last few weeks should be something to see. It’s really anyone’s game, though Candice is the one to beat at the moment. Angie could still well pull it off, though, with the right song choices, especially if she continues to play to her strengths, like she did with the second song. We shall see.

What did you think of the results on “American Idol” this week? Did you agree or disagree? Who would you like to see win? Sad to see Lazaro go or much relieved? Enjoy seeing Kelly return, much less that hilariously awkward bit with her and Mariah? How about Scotty? Should they bring Dunkleman back for old times’ sake? Where the hell is he, anyway? Someone put an APB out, stat!

Let me know what you think in the comments!