Psych Season 7 Review “Deez Nups” – A Wedding Leads to a Huge Revelation


In this episode of Psych, called “Deez Nups,” Lassiter and Marlowe’s wedding is fraught with complications from one end to the other. But when it’s all over, there’s one final complication that could mean an end to another relationship.

Oh Psych, how you managed to fool me in this episode. Here I thought it would be all about Lassiter and Marlowe’s challenges getting to the aisle and while it was mostly about that, there was so much more to the story as well. First up, I have to say how surprised I was that they managed to throw in so many touching moments for Lassie in and among the craziness and the comedy. When he found out that Marlowe was missing and that his only shot at getting her back had disappeared – my heart felt for him. Then, near the end, when Lassie admitted to the boys that he had been embarrassed to admit that he had no best friend – my heart got squeezed a little harder.

But nothing prepared me for the final few minutes of the episode. After all of the adventures, who knew that Juliet would suddenly put everything together in a flash of inspiration (and thanks to a theater ticket)? Who knew that suddenly Shawn would have to make the decision he’s been dying over for years? Who knew that it would end with Shawn devastated and Juliet running off in anger? If you saw all of that coming in this episode, then my hat is off to you, because I was completely and utterly dumbfounded. I think part of the reason why is the fact that it’s been such a part of Shawn’s life that I almost forget that he’s lying to nearly everyone in his life. I just hope that Shawn and Juliet can get past this and get back to where they were, but a part of me thinks that it might take a while.

My favorite bits.

“You’re doing all your wedding planning in one day?” “Yes, because I have male parts.”

Lassie throwing Shawn and Gus’ save-the-date card at them.

“What can I say? I’ve got one speed and it is full-throttle.” – Is it wrong that that line made me go to the dirty place?

The sing-songy “What’s” from Shawn and Gus after hearing that Lassie wasn’t having a bachelor party.

The matching looks of terror on Juliet and Karen’s faces in the back of Big Wendy’s jeep.

“Note to whoever is there – Step to me and I whip out the enormous piece I have under this robe.” – Okay, I KNOW I wasn’t the only one who went to the dirty place that time.

The way Gus said “Surprise!” – It was equal parts terrifying and awesome.

“Stumpy, five. Tiny toilet, one.” – LOL! And also, um, ew?

“I’m the Chief of Police.”
“And I’m the Chef of making bitches do shots.”

Haha! I KNEW that stripper was McNab as soon as he started shaking his tush. Not sure what that says about me.

“Where’s Stumpy by the way?”
“Somewhere disappointing Jesus.”

“I have one weakness in this life and he has her.”

Lassiter deciding to put Rizzo away some other day and save his fiancé.

“What’s stuck to my lip?”
“It’s a peanut shell, Karen.”

Poor Lassie coming out of the room and asking what in the hell he was supposed to do now.

Henry remarking that he hadn’t felt so alive since he’d been shot in the chest.

The look on everyone’s faces when they saw the stripper hanging off the pole. I think the best expression belonged to Lassie.

Marlowe socking Lassie in the mouth as soon as he opened the door.

“Guard her with your life! That’s not hyperbole!”

Lassie praising Shawn for helping him get Marlowe back. Aw.

The boys in their suits. Everyone looked awesome..well, except for Woody.

Karen talking about all the moments of a marriage – the part about coming into the hospital room holding a newborn baby just killed me.

Lassie writing down his vows in his police notebook.

Everyone’s reaction to seeing Woody combing his chest hair.

Lassie admitting the truth about the Stumpinator and the fact that he didn’t have a best friend.

Shawn and Gus sharing a look when Lassie said that bromances were overrated. Say what??

Karen and Big Wendy walking down the aisle chained together.

Marlowe’s wedding dress. Wow, I was not expecting the red. It looked great on her, though.

Not being at all surprised when Lassie’s wedding turned into a shootout. Somehow I don’t think he would’ve wanted it any other way.

McNab taking down Rizzo. with no pants.

Gus catching the bouquet.

Everybody Wang Chunging on the dance floor.

Henry telling Shawn that, as a Spencer, they inherently made their own lives as complicated as possible – but that he’d like to see Shawn break the cycle.

Juliet figuring out that Shawn was just guessing things and not a psychic. Yeah, I totally saw that comi…no, wait. WHAT?? She figured it out?? I SOO didn’t see that coming.

Nearly breaking down (Oh, who am I kidding, I totally broke down) when Shawn replayed all those moments with Juliet in his head.

“Falling in love with you was never part of the plan, okay?”

“I’m good at what I do. And what I’s good, isn’t it?”

“Are you telling me it was all a lie?”
“Please, don’t make me answer that.” – That whole scene = Too. Many. Feels.

Gasping out loud when Juliet threw the drink in Shawn’s face.

The devastated look on Shawn’s face when he looked up at Gus.

What did you think of this episode of Psych? What do you think will happen with Shawn and Juliet now that she knows the truth?

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