Poll: Which TV Show Future Do You Think is Most Likely?

Star Trek, Firefly, Continuum, Falling Skies, V, Defiance, Battlestar Galactica, Fringe, Revolution

My favorite genre when it comes to entertainment is sci-fi. One of the elements of sci-fi that attracts me, and possibly the number one reason I like it so much, is that it allows us to think about what the future could look like. I really enjoy the presentation of different possibilities, and find the little details thrown in by the writers and other creative folk involved in the production of TV shows to be fun!

Bright, Happy Future

USS Enterprise - Star Trek

Star Trek is perhaps the best advocate for a bright, happy future for us all. Its creator, Gene Roddenberry, was firm in his belief that humanity could and would rise above our problems and finally come together to create an amazingly harmonious society.

That is not to say there was never conflict in the Star Trek universe, of course, because that is essential for good drama and action. In particular, in the later incarnations of Star Trek things were a bit messier than in the earlier versions. But ultimately, the galaxy was a nice neat place where all creatures could thrive in harmony.

Aliens – Better Watch Your Back!

Falling Skies, V, Defiance

Whether or not aliens exist is a debate for another place, but on TV, they most certainly do exist, and the vast majority of them are out to kill or enslave us.

Whether their invasion is by force, such as in Falling Skies where at first all we see are the ships as they rain down destruction, or by subterfuge, like in the program V, where the aliens cure cancer and promise us clean, unlimited energy; make no mistake about it, we are in big trouble! There is also the third possibility as seen in the new program set to premiere next week, Defiance, where the aliens actually do seem to be honorable and benevolent, until something goes terribly wrong – and chaos ensues.

Technology is Not Your Friend

Battlestar Galactica, Fringe, Revolution

Technology is everywhere and the advances being made on a daily basis have in many cases surpassed the predictions from works of sci-fi. And, while sci-fi frequently inspires technological advances, it also can predict scary outcomes that are not so far beyond the realm of possibility.

Take for instance Battlestar Galactica, any version. The premise of the show is that our technology rebels against us. It tells the story of self aware robots that turn on their creators and attempt to eradicate them in retribution for their enslavement.

Then we have the example of Fringe, where future humans, the results of genetic engineering, travel back to the past with the intention of taking over because the earth they are from has been ruined by them. Remember I mentioned the little details being fun? In the final season of Fringe, when the team travels to the year 2036, one of the foods they found was “egg sticks!” Yes, you read that right.

Finally, the program Revolution shows what can happen when the military, or in this case, one person in authority bent on revenge, takes a piece of technology created by scientists to help with our energy crisis and turns it into a weapon of mass destruction.

Absolute Power Corrupts

Firefly, Continuum

Big Government and big corporations are convenient targets for suspicion when things start going very wrong. Greedy, corrupt and power hungry people are in fact everywhere, and when they are in government or big business, the result can be very bad for the rest of us. For the powerful, their goal is more power, so control of the masses is at the top of their agenda. And, there are so many ways to control us – mind control, physical force, or even controlling consumer commodities and their distribution.

A good example of this type of future is Firefly. The Alliance controls the inner planets in what is apparently a large star system with many planets and moons. Anyone outside the inner planets is basically out of luck and has to fend for themselves. Control is maintained through force and intimidation.

Then in the newer program Continuum, the government and big corporations of the future conspire to control resources, causing food riots and catastrophic terrorism. A few benefit while the majority are left wanting and hungry.

Other – You Totally Missed One!

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Is there a future scenario from a TV program that I missed? If so, please vote here and then tell me about it in the comment section below!


For me, I tend to be an optimist, so I think we will figure out how to solve our world problems and voyage off to the stars – a la Star Trek. Live long and prosper!

What do you think? Please vote and then tell me about your choice in the comment section below! I enjoy reading your comments.