Parks and Recreation Season 5 Review “Animal Control”

Recently, there has been some internet kerfuffle regarding the state of Parks and Recreation. All of the nice people in the kerfuffle agreed that Parks was a genius show, but maybe it had run its course. Given how well plotted the beginning of the season was, many people believed that the end of the season should be the show’s last. Tonight, the regular fans of the show should have their fears assuaged. This episode was a brilliantly constructed piece of television.

The best of the three stories (as usual) involved Ron Swanson. Given Ron’s penchant for privacy and general distaste for foods with actual content, the hilarity that ensued from his bout with a strep throat should come as no surprise. Using Ann to play the miffed straight (wo)man (something she does quite well), the show gave us what the audience came to see: Ron was threatening, curt, ridiculous, and giggled at certain points in the episode. The story was everything you could want out of a Ron Swanson-centric arc.

Ron’s arc was brilliant, but Leslie’s attempt to get the Animal Control Department in line did not disappoint either. Leslie’s trip to Animal Control was downright hilarious, and April’s “candidacy” had me chuckling quite hard as well. The omnipresence of Councilman Jamm may be irritating to some, but his spot on the City Council ensures that he’ll keep popping as the show goes forward. Ultimately, the story came to a satisfactory, and perfectly logical, conclusion. Plus, now we can all dream of future stories involving April as the head of Animal Control.

Ben, Andy, and Tom’s time with perfume magnate Dennis Feinstein was probably the least interesting of the three, but the storyline definitely had its moments. I appreciated how it ended. Had the guys actually gotten money from Feinstein, it would have seemed out of character (something Parks doesn’t do). Furthermore, Feinstein is becoming an acceptable adversary as the show moves forward. He’s much funnier than Councilman Jamm, and his wealth and relative fame would seem to indicate that we haven’t seen the last of him.

Tonight’s episode was one of the best episodes in weeks. What did everyone else think of tonight’s episode?