Let’s Play: TV Shows Showdown

tv shows showdown

Since you guys seemed to enjoy our Better TV Shows Titles video, Americ and I thought we’d play another game.

This time it’s a TV Shows Showdown!

We picked some of our favorite shows and pit them against each other. We then pick the ones we would keep (i.e. not cancel if it came down to it). In the end, only one TV show comes out a winner. It’s pretty brutal stuff and there are some tragedies (not sure why we put ourselves through this really) but hopefully you have some fun watching!

And of course you should totally play the game yourself and figure out what your top show is!

While we couldn’t include every single show we love, some of the shows mentioned are Game of Thrones, Strike Back, Breaking Bad, Grimm, Hannibal, Elementary, Dexter, Person of Interest, The Vampire Diaries and more.


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